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Amazing Race Nov. 23

November 24th, 2008 by Debbie's World of Books

Nick and Starr leaves first.  Teams have to fly to Moscow, Russia and make their way to a monastary where they need to light a candle to get their next clue.  Today is Nick’s birthday and Starr made him a birthday shirt.  They head to a travel agency who sells them tickets that get them in at 6:05am.

Dallas and Toni set off.  Dallas is talking about how they really want to get a first place finish.  Ken and Tina take off and end up having to pay 3000 units of money.  It sounded like Toni and Dallas had negotiated a cheaper rate. 

Dallas and Starr take off together in the airport.  They look cute together but I think Dallas is too much of a goofball.  Nick says he thinks Dallas might be good for Starr as her other guys are too much of push overs compared to her forceful personality.  He does think Dallas will let this get in the way of the game.

The frat boys take off and leave in hotel slippers because they have no shoes.  Idiots!  I still can’t believe they left their shoes behind on the last leg.  They try to bargain with their cab driver because they are worried about money in Moscow since it is such an expensive city.  Dallas is teasing the frat boys about how they could start a new shoe line with hotel slippers.  He does direct them to a shoe store where all the shoes are super expensive.  Can I say again?  Idiots!

All teams are on the same flight to Moscow.  From last week’s preview it looks like Nick and Starr mess up at some point.  I hope it’s not a major mess up.

The teams arrive in Moscow and no one can find a taxi.  The frat boys head towards a parking lot and find a taxi.  It turns out the taxi ride is going to take almost all their money left.  Toni and Dallas get out next.  Nick and Starr get a driver who looks like he doesn’t speak English and doesn’t know where to go so he’s following Toni and Dallas’s driver.

The frat boys driver stops and gets out.  Looks like he’s lost.  Oh and Ken and Tina’s driver is also lost and stops to talk to a bus driver for directions.  Toni and Dallas and Nick and Starr get to the monestary first.  Whoa, I don’t know what they go through but Toni and Dallas are doing one of their off camera interviews about the monastary and Dallas is a mess.

Teams have to travel by taxi through the crowded streets to a decommissioned military base.  Toni and Dallas are talking about how the taxis are costing them more than they expected.  Nick and Starr’s taxi driver seems to be lost.  Dan and Andrew and Ken and Tina get to the monastary.  Toni and Dallas get to the camp first.


Teams have to choose between:

For both detours they ave to put on a traditional uniform including foot wraps. 

Then for Boots they have to learn a traditional parade march.  When they are ready they fall in line with some troops and do a full lap.  It’s physically demanding and requires coordination.

For Borscht, teams must find the mess tent and serve Borscht to 75 soldiers.  Once they are done they get their clue.  It’s not difficult but if they are messy servers they may have to redo parts of the task.

Toni and Dallas choose Boots.  The foot wraps seem gnarly.  Guess that is in place of socks.  Nick and Starr’s driver can’t communicate with them and has no clue where to go.  Haha..the driver stops to have a cigarette.  Poor guys! Oh no, Ken and Tina and Dan and Andrew get to the camp.  That means Nick and Starr are last.

Dan and Andrew go for boots since one of them had 6 years of marching band experience.  Nick and Starr’s driver finally gets directions and it turns out they were going in the wrong direction.

Dallas and Toni start training.  Ken and Tina and the frat boys are getting dressed.  LOL.  Dallas and Toni look hilarious marching.  The other teams are working on their feet wrap.  Toni is saying the marching is actually a natural way of moving since there is a rhythm to follow.  Andrew is having troubl with the foot wrap.  Dan is pissed off.  Nick and Starr are finally on the right track to the camp.  Toni and Dallas pass!

Now they have to go to the town of Zhukovsky and find a bakery with their next clue.  Andrew still can’t get the foot wrap right so they decide to change detours.  Nick and Starr pass Dallas and Toni on their way in.  Ken and Tina pass their marc.  Nick and Starr choose to do the marching.

Haha…the guys waiting for borscht looked pissed off that they had to wait for the food.  Andrew just reread their clue that said for both detours they had to wear the uniform so they go back to get dressed.  Andrew finally gets the foot wrap correct.  They decide to go back to the march.  Nick and Starr pass their march.  OMG, the frat boys are so horrible.  The other soldiers are laughing at them.   Hahaha…Dan looks like some sort of demented robot.  The marching band is even laughing at him.  Dan is getting some personalized training.  One of the band members is almost falling over laughing at him.  They need to give up.  Dan is never going to get this.  This is the perfect video for YouTube.  I swear these soldiers are going to die of laughter.  Dan gives up and walks off.

Toni and Dallas get to what they think it’s the bakery but it turns out to be the wrong location.  They finally find the clue box.

Road Block

One person on the team has to be a delivery person by unloading 50 50lb bags of flour and delivering them.  Dallas of course does this one.  Toni warns him not to wear himself out.  The woman in the bakery scolds him for not placing them down neatly and reading the instructions.  Now I see why Dallas was so filthy.  Ken and Tina show up next.  Ken does it.  Dallas is looking exhausted.  Toni keeps telling Dallas to try doing one bag at a time.  Dallas refuses.  He’s halfway done and he’s beat.  Uh oh, Nick and Starr’s driver might be lost again.  Dan and Andrew are back at borscht and the troops are pounding the table for their food.

Wow, it totally looks like Ken is catching up.  I’m not sure how good Nick and the frat boys will do on this task.  Ugh, the teeth on some of these guys at borscht are nasty.  They finally finish their task.  Aargh, who will get to the next task first?  The frat boys or Nick and Starr?

Toni is so worried about Dallas.  He finally finishes!  Now they have to make their way through Moscow’s traffic to a famous park that is the next pitstop.  Unless their driver gets lost they should finish first.  Oh, but they did say traffic is horrible so who knows.  Ken and Tina see Nick and Starr on their way out and Ken says Nick will never be able to do this.  The woman in the bakery even comments that “he’s not fit”.  But then again neither is Dan or Andrew.  Oh an dNick and Starr got rid of their taxi driver.  So hopefully they won’t have a problem finding a new driver.

The frat boys are on their way.  And Nick finishes.  He actually doesn’t look in too bad of shape.  Now they need to find a taxi which doesn’t look easy.  Dan is doing the road block.  Dang it, Nick and Starr can’t find a taxi.    Aargh, this is driving me crazy.  Yes, they finally got a taxi!

Please, please let Nick and Starr beat Dan and Andrew.  Oh no!  Their new driver doesn’t know where the park is either.

The frat boys are worried about not having enough money to pay their taxi.  Nick and Starr are still trying to find the park.  Toni and Dallas and Ken and Tina are at the park trying to find the library.  Starr is in tears over the thought that they might come in last.

And Toni and Dallas get a first place finish!  They win a trip to the Dominican Republic.  Ken and Tina are team 2.  Ken is saying how they have clamed down and are understanding each other better now. 

Starr is still freaking out and Nick is trying to calm her down.  They finally arrive at the park and Nick apologizes to the driver for Starr.  The frat boys arrive and don’t have enough money.  Starr and Nick can’t find the check in flag and Starr is getting frustrated again.   Dan and Andrew are trying to figure out how to pay their driver.  Dan offers his trues as part of payment but the driver says no.  Dan finally offers up something that the driver accepts.  

Oh thank goodness Nick and Starr are team 3!  Dan and Andrew are the last to arrive.  Turns out to be a non-elimination leg.  Ugh.  I wanted them gone.  So during the next leg they will have to do a speed bump.

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