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From Dead to Worse by Charlaine Harris

November 27th, 2008 by Debbie's World of Books

This one would probably rate about a 3.5 out of 5.  It was interesting but there was so much going on in this book.

So let’s see if I can remember all the story lines going on in this book.

1. Jason and his pregnant wife, Crystal, the were panther are having problems and of course Sookie gets dragged into it.

2. There’s another were war going on

3. The vampires are still trying to recover from Hurricane Katrina and vampire’s from another state are threatening to take over Louisiana.

4. Amelia’s mentor finally finds her

5. Amelia’s dad comes to Bon Temps for a visit

6. Sookie is trying to figure out what happened to Quinn and why he hasn’t contacted her.

7. Sookie finds out her great grandfather was a full blooded fairy and he gets Eric to introduce him to Sookie

I think that’s all of the mini plots.  So stop here if you don’t want to read any spoilers.

So the deal with Jason and Crystal is that Tanya, the Were hired by Sandra Pelt, is in town trying to cause trouble for Sookie.  She takes Crystal under her wing and takes her out shopping way beyond her means.  So Crystal ends up spending all the money Jason gives her for household matters.  So he gets pissed and refuses to give her any more money.  In retaliation Crystal has an affair with another man.  Jason finds out and arranges it to Sookie and Calvin (head of the Hotshot weres) arrives at the house while Crystal is having sex with the other guy.  Because she broke her vows according to the vows she and Jason took she must be punished.  Since she is pregnant Calvin has to take her punishment since he stood up with her at the ceremony.  Since Sookie stood with Jason he has the option of administering the punishment himself or having Sookie take his place.  Like the jerk off he is he lets Sookie do it.  So she ends up having to crush Calvin’s hand with a brick.  Sookie does it and is pissed with Jason and doesn’t talk to him for the rest of the book.

For the Were war, Alcide Herveaux’s new girlfriend is found murdered and then a were tries to shoot Sookie on the way home from a dinner with her great grandfather.  At first they think it is Patrick Furnan who is the leader of Alcide’s pack.  There has been rumblings of a mutiny with Alcide and his supporters.  So they suspect he is trying to piss off Alcide enough to break the were laws.  Then the wife of a former pack leader is also killed and Furnan’s wife is missing.  Sookie convinces both Patrick and Alcide to meet to discuss what is going on.  Acting as the human lie detector they find out neither were responsible for the murders.  It turns out to be the work of another pack who has lost their home during the hurricane.  They thought they could get Alcide and Patrick’s sides to kill each other and make it easy to take over their territory.  In the final battle Patrick is killed but Sookie makes it through with the help of Sam turning into a lion and protecting her and then Claudine showing up to protect her.  In the end Alcide survives and becomes the new pack leader.

The vampires of Louisiana were already having problems because of Hurricane Katrina and Sophie being accused of killing her husband.  Then when Sophie lost her legs and Andre was killed in the bombing of the hotel Sophie is left vulnerable as she tries to recover.  The king of Nevada decides to take advantage of the moment and kills Sophie and all of her sheriffs except Eric.  He makes an offer to Eric to pledge loyalty to him and he and his vampires would be allowed to live since he owns such a successful club.  Eric agrees.  While all this is going on Eric also gets his memory back of the time he spent with Sookie when he was cursed by a witch awhile back.  Sookie also suffers the additional heart break to find that Quinn helped the Nevada vampires because they had his mother and he would do anything to protect her.  When things settle down Sookie tells Quinn she can’t be with him because his mom would always come first and she wanted to be first in someone’s affections.  So they break up.

Amelia’s dad finally comes to check in on her and her living situation at Sookie’s.  He also mentions that he told Octavia, Amelia’s mentor, where she was.  Octavia shows up at Sookie’s home as well and initially can’t help turn Bob back into a man.  So Bob is stuck as a cat.  As time goes by Sookie feels sorry for Octavia losing her home and being stuck living in an uncomfortable situation with relatives.  She makes the mistake of saying Octavia might be able to stay with them for awhile to Amelia and next thing she knows she ends up with not one but two house mates.  Octavia eventually does change Bob back into a man saying she initially said she couldn’t do it because she wanted an excuse to stay around Amelia and Sookie.  The two witches also help Sookie out by showing who killed Alcide’s girlfirend and also broke Tanya free of Sandra Pelt’s influence so she would leave Sookie alone.

The final subplot is that Eric asks Sookie out to dinner for someone else.  That turns out to be Sookie’s great grandfather who is a full blooded fairy.  It turns out his son had made him promise to stay away from him and any descendents.  But since his son dies he felt free to contact Sookie.  He keeps asking her if there is anything he can do to help her but she can’t really think of anything until she finds out her cousin Hailey had a son.  She asks her great grandfather to find out where Hailey’s ex-husband had moved to after the hurricane.  He does and Sookie goes to visit him.  She is shocked to find out that not only did Hailey have a son but the son is also a telepath.  Sookie leaves the ex-husband, girlfriend and son but tells the dad to contact her as soon as he needs help with his son and his power.  She warns him to contact her before his son reaches the point of misery over what his power does to him.

That’s basically where the book ends.  So I guess we’ll have to see in the coming books how things work out under the new king, how Hailey’s son turns out and there is also an allusion to Sam mentioning the other supes are thinking of going public.

Whew, I think I covered it all.

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