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Amazing Race Nov. 30

December 1st, 2008 by Debbie's World of Books

Toni and Dallas are first to leave.  They have to go to a retired nuclear submarine and search for the sonar room for an actor who will give them their next clue.  LOL.  Dallas tried to draw a picture of a submarine for the taxi driver but it looked more like a helicopter to me.

Tina is complaining about how Ken doesn’t put their relationship in the foremost enough for her.  Haha…Tina’s also trying to draw a submarine for their taxi driver.  Her submarine looked much better.

Nick and Starr are taking off.  I hope they luck out better this time with taxi drivers.  They finally hail a taxi and hopefully this one knows where he is going.

Andrew and Dan take off and Dan is talking about how their track record is spotty.  I’ll say!  They need to learn how to read properly.

Dallas and Toni make it to the sub.  Then Nick and Starr get there.  And there is Ken and Tina.  Looks like they all got there at almost the same time.  They are all running throug the sub looking for the actor who was in the Hunt for Red October.  They all find him and now have to go across town to Park Iskusstv, the grave yard of fallen monuments.  They need to search the park for the next clue.

Nick and Starr look like they got a taxi first.  Then Toni and Dallas and Ken and Starr.  The frat boys finally get to the sub and get the clue.  And they get splashed but a truck driving through a puddle while trying to hail a taxi.  Everyone is stuck in traffic and Tina is complaining about their driver smoking.  Andrew and Dan get a taxi driver who speaks English.  Talk about lucky.

Nick and Starr get there first.  Road block.

One team member has to scour the park counting the statues of Lenin(6) and Stalin(2).  They are given the Cyrillic spelling and have to join the numbers for 62.  They have to go to a shop owner and tell her the number.  If they are right she will give them a book where they have to go to page 62 which will direct them to their next location.  If they are wrong they have to wait 10 minutes to try again.   The next destination is an apartment building of a famous author-I missed the name.

Nick is doing it for their team.  Dallas is doing it for his team.  Andrew and Dan are at the wrong park after driving for 40 minutes.  Nick is counting and has found 6 Lenins and 2 Stalins.  Ken and Tina get to the road block and Tina decides to do it but first needs a rain jacket.  Tina gets pissed when Ken wants her to wear one without a hood. 

Nick takes Ken and Tina’s taxi and says he doesn’t really care if that sets them back an hour or two.  He gets to the bookstore and gives the right number.  He gets the book and finds a street name.  Dallas counts up 6 Stalins and 3 Lenins.  I don’t know what he was counting.   He gets it wrong and has to wait 10 minutes.  Nick gets in a taxi and the driver says “we’ll find it” when Nick gives him the destination so not sure if they will find it.  Tina is debating using 52 or 62 for her guess.  Nick shows up at the right place.

Now they go by taxi to Sokolniky Park.  They have to search for a lady with a shetland pony who will give them their next clue.  Andrew and Dan finally get to the right park and Andrew does the challenge.  Tina guesses 52 and gets it wrong.   What?!  Starr is asking Nick if they are looking for a horse or someone with a pony tail.  I thought she was smarter than that.


Ride the rails: teams have to go on foot to the metro station to another station where they have to find a pastry shop wher ethe wrapper will direct them to the next train station yadda yadda another station and finally to a last station.  The signs are all in Cyrillic and the metro tunnels are confusing but the metros come so often teams can still make mistakes and not lose much time.

Ride the lines: teams go on foot to a trolley bus to another location to find a key maker who will give them a key, then they take another trolley bus to another location to look for a locker that matches their key, open it and retrieve a postcard with the name of their next destination.  It may seem less confusing but they can get stuck in traffic and get confused with similar forms of transportation.

Nick and Starr choose the metro.

Andrew gets a guy to help him find the statues of Lenin and Stalin.  Dallas is guessing again and got it wrong again.  Tina goes in and guesses 62 and gets the clue.  She tells Dallas one up or down and he figures it’s 62.    Dang, Andrew seemed like he got lucky but the guy helped him find 6 Lenins but only 1 Stalin.  Dallas finally guesses the right number and gets his clue.

Nick and Starr are trying to figure out their route and get their tickets.  Tina gets to the clue box and tells Toni she helped Dallas.  Ken gets mad that Tina helped him.  Andrew guesses 61 incorrectly.  Uh oh.  Looks like Dallas leaves his bag including his passport and money in the taxi.  He goes to the clue box to tell Toni that the cab left so they have no money.  Dan just shakes his head.  Toni and Dallas are trying to figure out what to do.  Andrew guesses 62 randomly and gets the clue.  Toni and Dallas were going to ask Dan for money but realize Andrew has all their money although Dan says he wouldn’t have given it to them anyway.

Nick and Starr are on their way and Nick is saying how being a New Yorker is finally paying off.  Tina is telling Ken she needs more positive vibes.  Wow, Toni and Dalls were asking two guys for directions and they actually offer to give them some money.  They decide to take the metro to the next clue box because that costs 20 rubles where as taking a taxi cost 400 rubles.

Nick and Starr find the marked snack shop and get their wrapper.  They have to get on the metro and find the statue of the guy who developed the Cyrillic alphabet.  Ken and Tina decide to do the trolleys.  Dallas and Toni actually end up getting to the Shetland pony at the same time as Andrew and Dan but they can’t get their next clue because they had to catch a taxi not the metro..

Speed Bump.  Andrew and Dan have to perform with a group of traditional Russian dancers to the satisfaction of instructor to finish their speed bump.  OMG, Dan dances is almost as hilarious as him marching.  Wow, Toni and Dallas are asking for directions again and the guys give them all the money they had in their pocket.  Talk about generous people!  I wonder if all Russians are like that?  Or if the cameras had something to do with it?

Dan and Andrew do their dance but the instructor said no good.  Nick and Starr are looking for their statue.  Ken and Tina are on the wrong bus, they aren’t on a trolley.  Nick and Starr get their clue to the next clue.  Ken and Tina are told by a girl on the bus how to recognize a trolley.  Dan and Andrew finish their dance and get their clue.  I’m surprised they did it as quickly as they did.  They choose to do the trolley for the detour.

Toni and Dallas are back to the last stop and catch a taxi.

Nick and Starr find the next clue box and make their way on foot to the next pit stop.  Vdnkh Park.  And they check in first again!  Yay, back on top.  They win a trip for 2 to the island of Anguila(sp?) and stay at a top resort and spa along with a bunch of awesome perks.  They are one of the 3 teams in the final leg of the race.  I really hope they win!  Or at least Toni and Dallas.  If Ken and Tina or Andrew and Dan win that would totally suck.

Huh, Toni and Dallas might get eliminated.  Ken and Tina and Andrew and Dan are making pretty quick work of the detour.  They are both on their way to the stadium.  And yet again Toni and Dallas ask for directions and get money from the person they asked.  Ken and Tina and Andrew and Dan are both lost at the stadium.  Andrew and Dan find the clue box.  Then Ken and Tina find it.  Now they are all in a race to check in.  Andrew and Dan are second.  You have got to be kidding me!  That is so sucky!  Ken and Tina are third.  Uh oh.  They didn’t pick up their clue that tells them to come to the mat so they can’t be checked in.  Toni and Dallas are still begging for money for the trolley.  Ken and Tina are searching for the clue box.   They are dragging this out but I think they will find it before Toni and Dallas get in.  Ken and Tina finally get directed to the proper location for the clue box.  They get their clue and are checked in as team 3.

Hmmm…I seem to recall the last few seasons had 3 non-elimination rounds.  Did we have 3 yet?  Oh rats, yes I think Sarah and Terence, Ken and Tina and Andrew and Dan all got one.  Yup, Phil goes to tell Toni and Dallas they are eliminated.  This totally sucks!

Dallas is talking about how he feels bad he let his mom down but Toni of course tells him he didn’t let her down.  Hopefully they can get help getting new passports.  Ok, so Nick and Starr need to win otherwise I might just scream.  Although I guess this isn’t as bad as that team that won way back when with the couple where the girlfriend was a total shrew and didn’t deserve to win.

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