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Just not enough hours in a day

December 4th, 2008 by Debbie's World of Books

I seriously need to lose weight so my husband dragged me to the gym last night which is great.  The only problem is that eats into my reading, blogging, blog surfing, relaxation time.  I realized that between work and my commute, I get home and get to spend about 2-2.5 hours with my daughter, then do some minor picking up of stuff, clean up, etc., 30-60 minutes at the gym plus travel time and next thing I know it’s time to go to bed!  That doesn’t count the days when I need to do homework or would like to just relax and watch some tv.  Ugh!  No wonder I’m always procrastinating on doing the things I really should be doing.  Sometimes I just wish there were a few extra hours in a day.

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