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Ridiculous Pregnant woman asks for help, gets ticket

December 5th, 2008 by Debbie's World of Books

I saw this headline earlier today on CNN but did not have a chance to read the story until now.  The basic story is this woman is in labor and her husband was driving her to the hospital.  They got stuck in a traffic jam so they pull into a breakdown lane behind an officer who is currently giving someone else a ticket.  They ask him for help in getting through the traffic jam.  Does he help?  No, he tells them to wait until he finishes writing the current ticket and then turns around and gives the couple a ticket!  AND to top it off he asks the woman to prove she is really pregnant!

I mean come on?  Are the drivers in Massachusetts that bad at trying to get out of tickets that this guy thinks a woman is pretending to be pregnant and in labor?  One of the comments on the story was someone saying the couple should have called an ambulance and criticizes the couple.  I disagree with that person.  In most cases you would have time to get to a hospital driving and it’s frivolous to ask an ambulance to come pick you up.   If I started going into labor I would have my husband drive me to the hospital because while in labor it’s hard to think straight that oh maybe I should check the traffic report before we leave and see if there are any accidents along the way.  For me I would be “let’s get going, the baby is coming”.  Once I hit a traffic jam then yes I would think about approaching a state trooper for help if I did not think I would make it to the hospital in time.  I mean come on they are supposed to be there to help people in emergencies right?  Would they prefer that this couple risk getting into an accident speeding, have the poor woman pull over to the side of the road and give birth which I’m sure would have just made the traffic jam even worse.  And man, the way I felt when I was having contractions if someone asked me to prove I was pregnant and in labor I would be tempted to smack them police officer or not.

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  1. Jenn

    This is the trouble with CNN. I imagine that the story failed to mention that the husband had 6 speeding and other motor-vehicle-related tickets in the last few years and that the woman didn’t deliver until 5 hours later. I agree that the trooper was an ass to give them a ticket and delay them as long as it appears he did, but at the very least, it was proper to stop them.

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