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Survivor Dec. 4

December 5th, 2008 by Debbie's World of Books

Back at camp Sugar and Corrinne are having it out about whether they should be nice to people or not.   Corrinne says of course she talks about people behind their backs otherwise she wouldn’t be playing a good game.  Sugar tosses that back in her face saying yes they are playng a game and Corrinne shouldn’t be pissed off about what they did. Bob was pissed at Sugar for being so mean when Randy played the fake idol.  Sugar said she was sorry to him but off camera said she did not regret it one iota.

Kenny and Bob are out in the boat fishing and catching quite a few big fish.  Kenny is marveling how well he is doing because he normally is not an outdoor person.  He likes being inside and gaming.  Back at camp Kenny is kind of bragging about how many different types of things he has caught.  Kenny is talking about how Bob knows how to do a lot of things but he doesn’t know how to play the game.  I think he’s jealous because everyone is saying how smart Bob is at figuring out how to do things.

Reward: they divide into two teams of 3 to race out and collect 7 sprockets that they will put together to raise a flag.  The winning three goes on to a slide puzzle.  The winner gets a phone with video messages from home.  Jeff gives a preview for everyone.  Crystal’s husband and daughter had a message, Kenny’s sister left a message, Susie’s husband and son, Corrinne saw her whole family, Bob saw his wife, Matty heard from his girlfriend and their dog and finally Sugar saw her sister.  Sugar’s sister encourages her that not only does she have her support but also her dad looking down on her (I believe she was out here to get over her dad’s death).  The winner not only gets the video but food.  And no one will be going to Exile Island this time.

Susie and Crystal are team captains after picking rocks out of a bag.  Susie goes first and chooses Matty and Kenny, Crystal chooses Sugar who then chooses Bob.  Corrinne gets left out with no opportunity to even try.  Crystal is practically dragging Sugar along and Susie is almost dragging Matty backwards.  Matty, Kenny and Susie make it back with their first 3 pieces first.  Bob, Crystal and Sugar are struggling.  Susie isn’t carrying any sprockets, Kenny and Matty carry the last 4 back.  They start on the puzzle.  Bob, Sugar and Crystal finally make it back.

Now they need to put them together properly to raise a flag.  Bob is making pretty good progress on the puzzle.  Guess this is where it comes in handy to have a science teacher.  And they win!  They come from behind to go to the final round.  First to solve the slide puzzle will win reward.  They get a picture in front of them of what they are trying to duplicate.  Wow, Bob solves it really, really fast!  He gets pizza, beer and brownies and his video.  Huh, I thought they would let him choose someone to share it with but nope.  Jeff sends everyone else back to camp.

Kenny talks about how if Bob doesn’t win immunity he will be next to go.

Bob’s enjoying his meal and watching his video of his wife.  His wife goes “I want to show you something” and stands up and walks out of the room.  While he’s like “Show me what?” she sneaks out from behind him and surprises him in person.  So they enjoy the rest of the food and beer together before Bob brings his wife back to camp.  When they get to camp Bob whistles and then out come everyone else’s loved ones.  Man, they all got lucky even if they didn’t win.  Guess that’s why he didn’t have to choose anyone to share his reward with.

Kenny is talking to his sister about his alliance with Crystal and Sugar and how they are with him because he saved both their asses.  He’s bragging about how everyone loves him and if he makes final three he will win this game.  Sugar’s sister brings some of their dad’s ashes so Sugar can say goodbye and then they sprinkle his ashes in the lake.  She said she was happy to get that chance since she didn’t get to say anything at the funeral because she was such a mess.  Matty is talking about how he needs to grow up and let his girlfriend know how much she means to him.  He tells her he wants to spend the rest of his life with her so I guess was that a proposal?  Yup, he says he wants her to be his wife and he gives her a necklace he made for her.  She says yes to him.  Wah, wah, what a cry baby.  Be a man!  The loved ones take off at the end of the day.

Corrinne and Bob go to get tree mail and talk about how tonight would be the perfect night to blindside Matty.  Sugar is talking about how she hopes their alliance of 5 sticks together and doesn’t turn.  They think Bob is the biggest threat and she go next.  Bob is telling Corrinne that he is going to make a second fake idol and imply it was the one they threw out into the ocean awhile back.  Then if one of them wins immunity the other will imply they have this fake idol and hopefully make it through tribal council.

Immunity Challenge

Jeff will be asking them questions and if they get it right they get a ball to throw into a target zone way below them to get as close to the center as possible. First question.  Sugar and Corrinne get it right.  Second question.  Sugar, Susie, Corrinne and Bob get them right.  Third question.  Susie and Corrinne are the only ones that DON’T get it right.  Fourth question.  Everyone gets it right except Crystal and Susie.  Matty is the current leader with his ball closest to the center.  Bob gets his first toss and Kenny jokes it’s all in the physics and yes, Bob takes the lead.   Wow, and Bob improves his mark on his next turn.  Sugar is the only one left who can beat him.   Nope, she misses and Bob wins immunity!  I wonder if his plan will play out now.

Corrinne is happy because Bob won immunity because now they can try to play their fake immunity and try to get Matty out instead.  She’s saying she’s really smart and Bob is very crafty so hopefully they can pull this off.  The five alliance are talking about voting out Corrinne since Bob has immunity.  Kenny and Corrinne are talking and Corrinne tells him she is ok cause she has something.  Kenny promises not to say anything if she tells him what and she puts out their whole thing about the “idol”.  Kenny is talking about how this changes the game and he might have to jump alliances and vote out Matty.  Corrinne is stroking Kenny’s ego saying he’s smart so they need his input on what to do next.  Now they are talking about bringing Crystal into this new “alliance”.  Corrinne is talking about how they took this plan that shouldn’t have worked and it looks like it is and how this proves the level of incompetance they are playing with.

Bob’s off making the fake immunity idol and wow.  It looks great again!  I hope he gets to keep this one as a souvenir this time.  He shows it to Crystal and puts out his final four plan to her.  She shakes saying yes Matty will go tonight.  Kenny and Crystal are talking about how this works for them.  They are saying they are going to split the votes 3 for Corrinne and 3 for Matty.  This works for them because Corrinne will be forced to play the idol and Matty will go home.  So much for Corrinne’s and Bob’s master plan.  That’s smart of Kenny and Crystal though.  This is a win-win situation for them.  I guess it’s smarter of Kenny.  I don’t think Crystal has the brains for this game and she actually admits the mental part of this game is kicking her butt.

So now let’s see if Corrinne sits there and thinks she is safe since I doubt she’ll play a fake idol and suffer the same humiliation as Randy.

Tribal Council

Jeff asks about paranoia and does it help?  Corrinne says yes she’s hoping they can break up the alliance of 5.  Matty looks a little shocked at this.  When Jeff asks if it’s crazy to trust anyone and Crystal says yes, it’s crazy to trust some people and again Matty looks surprised.   Bob keeps the immunity necklace.

The votes

Kenny votes for Matty.  That will probably hurt him at the end if he makes it and Matty doesn’t.  Matty votes for Corrinne.  They don’t show the rest of the votes.  Jeff asks for any hidden immunity idols and no one does anything.  Matty looks relieved and Kenny disappointed.  First vote-Matty, Corrinne, Corrinne, Corrinne, Matty, Matty, one vote left.  And…Corrinne gets voted out.  Going to be trouble in paradise!  You know Matty is going to be pissed trying to figure out who the third vote for him was.  Bob looks crushed and Crystal and Kenny look ill.  How is Kenny going to talk his way out of this one?

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