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The Lover's Knot by Clare O'Donohue

December 5th, 2008 by Debbie's World of Books


I would give this book 3 out of 5 stars

Nell Fitzgerald is thrilled when she receives a gorgeous handmade quilt in a  lover’s knot pattern from her grandmother Eleanor as an engagement gift. Her joy is short-lived, however, when her fiance announces he’s calling off the wedding. Heartbroken, 25-year-old Nell flees New York City for her grandmother’s home in quaint Archers Rest. In this small town Eleanor’s life revolves around her quilt shop, Someday Quilts, and the members of the shop’s quilting circle. When the body of a local handyman known for his flirting is found in the quilt shop, murdered with a pair of quilting scissors, Nell finds herself drawn into the case–and drawn to the handsome police chief. As a pattern of clues begins to emerge, one of the prime suspects is Nell’s ex-fiance, whose arrival in Archers Rest seems suspicious. The ladies of the quilting circle continue to piece together their quilts as Nell unravels the mystery.

I enjoyed the book but didn’t love it.  The whole romance thing between Nell, her ex-fiancee Ryan and the police chief, Jesse, was all pretty predictable.

Stop here if you don’t want any spoilers.

Who the killer was surprised me but the way they treat Nancy is so unrealistic.  Hello?  She murdered a guy.  Even if she thought he stole her money he didn’t have the scissors raised upright so it’s hard to imagine that he was going to try and hurt her.  Then the other quilting club members act like it’s no big deal that she killed a guy other than oh darn.   In addition, a police officer letting a civilian continue with all the things Nell did seems pretty unbelievable as well.  Jesse kept threatening to arrest Nell but never did.  I would think in real life a cop would because she was seriously intervening in the investigation and might have messed up any evidence that could convict the murderer.  Even in small towns would they be this lenient?

I know it doesn’t matter but I also wonder what the deal was between Ryan and Amanda.  Did they have a one night stand?  An affair?  Did they love each other?  Anyway, it was a quick fun read as long as you don’t focus on it being realistic.

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