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Amazing Race Dec. 7-Finale

December 7th, 2008 by Debbie's World of Books

Tonight’s the finale and the winner better not be those darn frat boys!

Nick and Starr take off first at 10:56pm.  They head to Portland, Oregon.  They have to make to Tilikum, an adventure park, to find their next clue.  They head to the airport and look for internet to research flights.  Andrew and Dan leave around 2:30am.  Guess everyone will catch up at the airport.  Ken and Tina leave at 3:30am.  I think all teams are on the same flight.  Ken and Tina are first out of the plane, Nick and Starr second but they get a cab before Ken and Tina.  The frat boys are pulling up the rear.

At least they don’t have to worry about cab drivers not speaking English.  Huh, actually the frat boys driver has a very heavy accent and doesn’t know where he is going.  Nick and Starr’s cab gets lost so Ken and Tina get to Tilikum first.

Detour: teams have to choose between two activities that help with balance and reduce the fears in the job logging.

High & Dry:  teams have to climb 30feet up a tree, traverse a log 40foot log and leap to a trapeeze to get their clue.  If either team member falls they have to start again.

Low & Wet: they choose a floating log bridge and walk 850 feet across the water to the clue across the shore.

Ken and Tina choose high and dry.  Nick and Starr get to the clue and also choose high and dry.  The frat boys are still lost.  Tina is telling Ken about how afraid of heights she is after they tell them they have to jump for a clue.  Ken made quick work of climbing the tree.  Man, Nick is like a monkey climbing the tree.    Ken gets his clue with no problems.  Tina’s up.  Nick is walking the log and is trying to reach the clue and gets it!   Starr is up now.  Tina’s hat comes loose and she stops to put it back on and Ken says it’s losing them time.  Starr takes the lead while Tina readjusts.  She gets her clue while Tina is just starting the crossing.

Now they have to go by taxi to the bridge of the gods and take a zip line 2000 feet to the island below to get their next clue.  Tina is freaking out trying to get the clue and Ken is getting frustrated.  And Tina gets their clue.  She tells Ken afterwards that he can’t keep yelling at her and Ken said he wasn’t.  The frat boys finally get to the clue and choose high and dry.    Nick and Starr’s cab misses their turn off but Ken and Tina get to it and take the lead.  Aargh, this is nerve racking.  I so want Nick and Starr to win.

Tina is freaking out on the bridge.  She heads out just as Nick and Starr arrive at the bridge.  Tina is enjoying the zip line.  Man I thought it would go faster but she goes pretty slow.  Ken takes off just as Nick and Starr get to the zip line.

Teams now need to use their memory to answer one question from each of the previous 10 legs of the race.  Working in numerical order they will remove a game piece that will show a symbol for route info, road block, detour or pit stop.  They will then enter a field with 150 clue boxes and find the 10 correct pictures.  If they get the ride picture a green light will go on above the game piece.  Haha..Starr says Nick looks like Peter Pan when he’s going down the zip line and he totally does!

Ken and Tina get one while Nick and Starr are just starting.  Ken and Tina get their second one.  Nick and Starr are still looking for their first.  The frat boys are still having issues with their cab driver.  Ken and Tina get their 3rd one and Nick and Starr got their first.  Nick and Starr get their 2nd.   And their get their 3rd.  They are caught up with Ken and Tina.  Ken and Tina get their fourth.  Nick and Starr get their fourth.  Frat boys are still lost.  Andrew asks their cab to use his cell phone to get directions.

I think Nick and Starr just took the lead.  Although it seems like Ken and Tina were not far behind.  Uh oh, Nick and Starr got their Kazakhstan one wrong.  Ken and Tina took the lead.  Tina is so annoying.  Nick and Starr are encouraging each other but Ken and Tina are just arguing.  Haha…Nick almost cried when it took their green light awhile to come on for the last game piece.  but they beat Ken and Tina!

Travel by taxi to downtown Portland to the Portland Building and search for a green dinosaur in the window across the street.  Nick and Starr’s taxi takes off just as Ken and Tina get the clue.  The frat boys are finally doing the zip line.  Ken and Tina’s taxi driver is calling for any info about the dinosaur.  Starr is also calling someone but couldn’t get any info.  Ken and Tina’s cab over takes Nick and Starr.  Then Nick and Starr’s taxi over takes Ken and Tina.  They are right behind each other though.  Oh and the cabs separate.  Hmm…who is going in the right direction?  Nick and Starr get their first and find the dinosaur.

Make your way on foot to Alder St. and search among the food carts for the one from Russia.  Ken and Tina get to the Portland Building and are walking around.  Nick and Starr are running to Alder Street.  Ken and Tina get directions from someone to the green dinosaur.  Nick and Starr get to Alder Street and ask for directions to the cart pods.  Looks like Ken and Tina are catching up.  Nick and Starr get to the pods and find the Russia cart.  Travel on foot to where the magic is in the hole.  They need to figure out they need to go to the Voodo Doughnut.  Starr starts calling out if anyone knows what that means and someone actually answers that it’s the Voodoo Doughnuts.  Starr is dying during all the running.  I wonder who is in better shape.  Aww…Ken and Tina find a girl who heard where the donut shop is but tells them a short cut to the shop.  Dang it.  Nick and Starr are lost.  come on Nick and Starr!  They find it!

Take a taxi to the finish line following route marks.  Ken and Tina get the clue.  They are both looking for taxis.  Come on taxi get to Nick and Starr!  Man, I am way too into this.  Crazy.

Ken tries to bribe someone to give up their taxi but they refuse.  Nick and Starr get one first unless they are messing with the editing.  Ken and Tina get a taxi too.  Nick offers their driver $70 if he gets them to their location fast.  Hahaha…Nick and Starr’s taxi driver actually asks if they are ok because Starr is practically hyperventilating.  I wonder how they are following route markers in a cab or even knew which way to head.  They didn’t give much in the clue.   And…a cab is pulling in and it’s Nick and Starr!  Yay!  Huh…wonder where the frat boys are?  I’m so glad Nick and Starr won.  They so deserve it.  They totally dominated this race.  Starr made a nice comment that the other teams all made it a great race.  I still find it amazing that a brother and sister get along so well.  I wonder how far behind Ken and Tina were.  They showed the divorcees, I wonder if those two are still holding a grudge against Nick and Starr.

Ken and Tina get teary and Ken pulls out their wedding rings saying how they haven’t worn them since they separated.  He puts Tina’s back on her finger and say they are going to start over.  Huh, talk about taking the limelight.  Anyway, I wonder if Ken and Tina will last.  They still seem like they have a lot of issues.  And here are the frat boys.  I really would like to know how far behind they are and if they even had to do the rest of the tasks.  Dan makes a funny comment abou thow it was great that they were even racing with “two far superior teams”.  They said they were just amazed they made it to the final 3.

Sigh…and this ends this season of Amazing Race.  I have to say I enjoyed it more than I expected after the first couple episodes.  It took awhile to get into its groove but it ended up being great.

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