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Survivor Dec. 11

December 12th, 2008 by Debbie's World of Books

Sorry, I know I’m a day late but I went out last night and had a great time.  So now it’s time to catch up on Survivor!

When they get back to camp after tribal Matty is confronting Kenny about why he voted for him.  Kenny is scrambling but Matty isn’t buying it.  Sugar is reassuring Kenny and Crystal not to worry.  Matty will go next if Bob wins immunity again because he is the biggest physical threat.  Crystal is talking about not writing Matty’s name down that night was the stupidest move she has made.

Kenny is asking Bob if they lied to him.  Bob says no but then admits the idol was fake.  He feels bad about it and tells Kenny if Bob wins immunity he will give him the immunity idol.  On a side camera Bob said he feels he owes Kenny and will be a man of his word.

Reward Challenge

They will race out into the swamp through a series of obstacles and retrieve a ball.  They will race back to start and throw it into a net.  Then go out another ball.  First to get 3 in the net wins.  The winner will get a helicopter ride to a gorilla preserve, a meal, shower and a night in a bed.  They also get to send one person to Exile.  Matty is out fast.  Kenny gets to his ball first.  Matty gets his ball untied first though.  The women are sucking as usual.  Matty gets the first ball in but is quickly followed by Kenny.  Then Bob gets one.  Matty up to two, Bob up to two followed by Kenny.  Women are all still at 0.  Who will get the last one in first?  Matty back at the net first, followed by Bob and then Kenny.  And….Bob wins reward!  Crystal goes in for a dunk and still misses!

Jeff tells Bob he can choose one person to go with him on the reward.  He chooses Crystal.  That’s shocking.  I thought he would choose Kenny.  Jeff tells him he gets to choose a third person and he quickly chooses Kenny.  He sends Susie to Exile.  Sugar and Matty go back to camp.  Matty is saying he hopes to take this opportunity to convince Sugar to vote Crystal and Kenny out.   She is so easily influenced I’m pretty sure he will manage it.  Just get her worked up about Kenny’s treachery and I’m sure she’ll vote with Matty.

Wow, they are on the helicopter and they aren’t even strapped in so they get to totally hang out the door and look at everything below them.  How awesome would that be?  They get to a little deck with fresh fruit, cheese, meats and drinks.  Bob is saying he wish he could have brought everyone.  Then they start talking about strategy how they hope they can vote out Matty.  Kenny offers that maybe Bob doesn’t have to give him the immunity the first time and maybe give it to him next time.  Bob said he feels like he has to give it to him the first time to prove he is a man of integrity.  Then they head to the showers and get fresh clothes.  Then the guys from the gorilla habitat arrive to explain about the gorillas and why they are endangered.  They explain that people hunt the gorillas leaving behind these orphan gorillas.  Then they head to the preserve.    Man, it would be so cool to get to see those gorillas that close.  They look amazing and just looking in their eyes makes you think they really know what you are saying and thinking.

At Exile Susie chooses comfort since she doesn’t think she can get the idol.  She is enjoying herself.

At camp Matty is talking to Sugar about how irritating it is that Kenny and Crystal got to go on the challenge.  Sugar points out that they got to go on a challenge when Kenny and Crystal didn’t.  Sugar points out she, Kenny and Crystal are an alliance so Matty needs to win to stay.  Matty is saying she should give him the idol.  She says screw that.

Bob, Kenny and Crystal get back to camp in their new clothes.    Matty is still talking about how annoying and frustrating that Kenny and Crystal got to go on the reward challenge.  Matty is complaining about how he’s mad his name was written down.  Crystal points out her name has been written down many times too so stop complaining.  Crystal and Matty go off and Crystal asks why he changed who the final four would be.  She said he is too tight with Susie and is going off on Matty.  Sugar is now crying about how Kenny and Crystal have both gone off on Matty and he doesn’t deserve to be yelled at.  Now she is totally feeling sorry for Matty and decides Kenny and Crystal aren’t good people and why are they kicking Matty when he’s down.  She goes crying to Matty and tells him that he’s not going.  She said she is going to go talk to Bob about keeping Matty.  Matty is saying he now has hope even though he might end up having to go to the end against Bob which would be tough.

Immunity Challenge

Susie returns from Exile.  They will have to study the features of a mask and grab 3 bags of pieces one at a time, make their way through an obstacle course to a station with a blank mask and will use their bag of pieces to duplicate the mask.  And the twist is they will be blindfolded.  I think Bob will be good at assembling the puzzle.  They start and everyone is using their hands to study the mask.  Matty is the first one heading out.  Crystal is way off course and no longer even in her lane.  Matty decided to get all his pieces first.  The others try to assemble their mask with the first bag.  Crystal takes forever but finally gets one bag.  Susie goes back for her second bag and gets off course.  Now Matty and Bob have all 3 bags of pieces and are working on their mask.  Bob thinks he has it but doesn’t.  Susie is still out in lala land.  Kenny thinks he has it.  He is wrong.  Were is Sugar?  They haven’t shown her at all.  Bob thinks he has it again.  Bob wins immunity again!  He wins 4 challenges in a row.  So Sugar is there so what the heck was she doing during the challenge?

I am glad Bob won.  He is amazing that at his age and losing his alliance that he has lasted so long.  Now Kenny is saying we’ll find out if Bob is a man of his word and will give him the immunity necklace.  They get back to camp and Kenny and Crystal immediately take off.  Kenny is telling her he is going to tell Bob to give him the necklace and then instead of voting off Matty they will vote off Bob.  Crystal agrees.  Kenny goes to Bob and tells him he’s feeling scared.  Kenny talks about how it’s a lose-lose situation for Bob because either he doesn’t give Kenny the idol and looks bad or he does and he goes home.  Bob says why does Kenny feel like he’s in trouble.  Bob said he will ask around who they are voting for.  Kenny tells everyone to tell Bob they are voting for Kenny so Bob will give Kenny the necklace and then they will vote out Bob.  Sugar goes to Bob and tells him she can’t be in Kenny’s alliance anymore and to keep the necklace.  Then they will take out Kenny and Crystal.  Bob asks where Susie stands and Sugar says she has no clue but thinks she will vote with the pack.  So Sugar suggests voting out Crystal tonight.  Of course Sugar starts crying and tells Bob there is a big place in her heart for him.  She said she doesn’t care that Bob is the biggest threat, she won’t vote for him.  She wants a good guy to win.

Sugar comes back to camp saying she thinks Bob will give up the necklace and that she told Bob that Kenny will be going home.  Wow, she did a good job lying.  Matty tells Sugar he thinks Bob is on board with Crystal and Kenny no matter what.  She tells him to let her do the thinking.

Now she’s debating if she should play her immunity, give it to Matty or do nothing.

Tribal Council

Jeff points out that Bob is a big threat in the game.  Jeff asks Matty how he feels and he says if anyone has to do well he’s glad it’s Bob and not someone of a less caliber.  At tribal Kenny tells everyone that Bob would try very hard to try and win immunity and if he wins he will give it to him.  Bob says since then they re-negotiated that he would only give it to him if Kenny felt threatened.    Matty makes a comment that Crystal and Kenny are the tightest alliance in the game and are dominating the game.  Kenny comes right out and says he feels very vulnerable and Matty also said he is also very vulnerable.  Jeff also reminds them that this is the last night to play the hidden immunity idol.  Sugar shows her idol and Jeff said we will find out if she plays it if it’s the real one.  Bob says he decides to keep the immunity necklace because he doesn’t think Kenny is going home tonight.  The jury is smiling and nodding their heads.  So Crystal votes for Matty.  Kenny is looking totally bummed.  Matty votes for Crystal.  Sugar votes for Crystal saying she doesn’t know how to deal with people and good luck on the jury.

The Votes

I think it’s good bye Crystal.  Jeff asks if anyone wants to play the hidden immunity idol now is the time to play it.  Sugar takes off the necklace and gives it to Matty.  Corrinne celebrates.  Matty gives Jeff the idol and of course this one is the real idol.  I think Kenny and Crystal realize they are in trouble.  No votes against Matty count.

First vote-Matty, doesn’t count.  Matty, doesn’t count.  Crystal.  Sugar is looking mighty smug.  Crystal. 13th person voted out is Crystal.  Corrinne and Marcus are smiling broadly.  Good riddance.  Crystal was a horrible player and only made it this long because of Kenny.  I do hope Kenny goes next.  Oh wait, I totally forgot Susie is still there.  She needs to go as well.  Then Kenny.  I think Bob deserves to go to the end and even though Sugar is a sap she did pretty well herself.  Matty is ok.  I used to like Kenny but he’s really gotten on my nerves in the last few episodes.

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  1. Suey

    So who are you hoping wins this Sunday? Sugar cracks me up, but I’m kinda rooting for her!

  2. dsuzuki

    I’m rooting for either Sugar or Bob. I can’t tell if Sugar is playing a smart game or if she is just lucky. She seems to be more of an emotional player so I don’t think she makes moves strategically. I kind of feel like she gets lucky that her emotional plays end up working out. I am kind of rooting for Bob because I’m impressed with how well he has been doing especially since the rest of his tribe is gone.

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