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Survivor Gabon Finale

December 14th, 2008 by Debbie's World of Books

Sugar is gloating when they get back to camp about how it was the perfect play of the immunity idol.  I kind of like Sugar but man she is not gracious in victory.   I hated Randy but she was really cruel to him.  Kenny is asking what happened and why no one told him.  Bob says he knew he wasn’t going so that is why he didn’t give him the idol.   So Kenny asks him what happens next time if Bob wins an idol.  Bob tells him to win his own idol.  Bob says that Kenny bringing this deal out in the open pretty much calls off the deal in his book.

Sugar is talking to Bob about taking out Kenny and Susie so she can go to the final 3 with Matty and Bob.  So now Sugar figures she needs to reassure Kenny so he doesn’t figure out what she is planning.  They go to get tree mail and it looks like they get new clothes.  On the way back Kenny is saying that he feels comfortable with her again and thinks Sugar is taking him to the final 3.   I still can’t believe Susie is still here!  That is like frat boys making it to the final 3.

Now they all have to dress themselves up like warriors for the challenge.

Immunity Challenge

Looks like everyone when for warrior except Sugar.  She definitely went for cute instead.  They will dig under a wall, go across a series of planks which leads to a maze filled with huts.  Inside 3 huts will be bags of puzzle pieces.  They have to take the bag back to the start and then go back in to find another one until they get all 3 bags.  Then use the pieces to build a replica of a gabonese hut.  Winner gets immunity and guaranteed spot in final four.

Wow!  Susie is the first under the fence.  Sugar is last under the fence.    Huh, the planks are actually an elevated maze so they need to figure out how to get to the end.  If they fall off they have to go back to the beginning.  Susie actually figures out the way first and everyone else follows her.   Now they have to untie a series of knots to get through a gate to the maze.  I’m surprised how well Susie is doing!  Maybe she heard me bitching about her.

Matty is first with a bag of pieces and heading back.  Matty is back first with his second bag.  They all look beat already.  Bob looks like he’s really starting to fade.  Wow, is Sugar going to get her third bag back first?  She is!  Bob is back second with his 3rd bag.  Everyone but Susie is back and working on the puzzle.  Bob is making quick work of the puzzle.   Sugar is looking good too.  Bob wins immunity!  5 straight challenges in a row.  Haha…Susie is still back in the maze.

Yay!  Bob is safe!  I wonder if they will get rid of Susie or Kenny first?  Kenny is saying how he set himself up so well in this game that he can just sit around and relax.  He thinks Susie is going tonight.  Matty goes to Kenny and tells him they are voting Susie and he would never blind side him.  Susie approaches Matty and is almost crying asking if they are voting Kenny.  Matty says he honestly doesn’t know what people are doing so he can’t tell her anything.  Susie is freaking.  Matty tells Susie to go with her gut of what to do.  Maybe she will actually try to do something strategic this episode.

Matty is talking with Sugar that the final 3 should be him, Sugar and Kenny.  They agree Susie should go next but Susie is worried about keeping Kenny.   She’s deliberating which way to go because she has no alliance with Susie but she knows Kenny is a liar.

Tribal Council

Jeff starts with Bob about his 5 consecutive wins.  Jeff says he has tied the record for the most number of consecutive wins.  Matty makes a joke that there isn’t a target on Bob’s back because he is so far ahead of all of them.  Geez, Susie basically tells everyone she does just sit back and let people tell her what to do and she doesn’t try to strategize.  Jeff brings up the deal with Kenny and Bob.    Kenny says he felt like Bob was backing out on the deal.  Bob replies back that he was going to honor the agreement but he heard that Kenny was planning on taking the idol and then blindsiding Bob.   Jeff outright asks him if Kenny thinks Bob should give him the necklace even though it would mean Bob going home.   Kenny says yes.  So basically Kenny admits yes he’s selfish and Bob should for some reason save his butt and sacrifice his own.  I don’t know.  That might have blown it for Kenny tonight.

It’s too bad.  Originally I liked Kenny but the more I see the more of a jerk he seems.

The Votes

Kenny. Susie. Kenny. And Kenny is voted out.  Good riddance.  And then there were four.

Well, at least Kenny was gracious in his good bye.  He admits he got played and wished the others the best.

Back at camp Susie and Bob are out on the water.  Susie and Matty are talking at camp.  Matty is saying this next challenge is the last chance to change your fate.  He asks Susie if she wins immunity what would she do.  She says she would vote out Bob.  She says he is too strong and his wins are skill not luck.

Matty brings back tree mail.  Today is the day to honor the memories of the other tribe members at Exile Island.  I hate this part.  I’ve never found it interesting.

Sugar being Sugar when they get to Randy she just makes a horse sound and walks off.

At the end of the remembrance trail they arrive at a field with a bunch of natives playing music and chanting.  They burn the names of all the fallen tribe members.

Final Immunity Challenge

Each person will have 200 wooden tiles.  They will use those tiles to build a house of cards.  The first to build a house 10 ft tall wins immunity.  If after 30 minutes no one has a house 10 ft tall whoevers is the highest wins.  Huh, Matty is doing some weird pyramid form of house.  Sugar is getting pretty high but will it be sturdy enough to stand to 10 feet?  Susie’s house collapses.  Sugar is at 5 feet and her house collapses at 9 minutes.  Bob’s house collapses.  Sugar is back up high pretty quickly.  Susie is approaching 5 feet.  At 6 feet Sugar’s house collapses.  Susie’s house collapses again as well.  Bob loses his house too.  Matty is still taking his time but his hasn’t collapsed yet.  I’m surprised Bob is struggling so badly at this challenge.  He just can’t get his house to stay.  5 minutes left!  Sugar’s looks shaky but is in the lead.  Susie is about 7 feet but it looks like the Leaning Tower of Pisa.  Susie is at 8 feet and decides to stop.  Matty and Sugar are trying to catch up.  1 minute left.  Susie is debating if she should add anything to hers as Sugar seems to be closing in.  Bob’s house falls again.  Sugar’s house falls.  Wow! Susie wins final immunity and is guaranteed a spot at final tribal council.  Talk about coming out of nowhere!

I wonder if Susie is going to stick to voting out Bob or might switch to Matty.  Sugar is practically in tears saying this isn’t how she pictured things when they got rid of Kenny yesterday.  They thought Susie would never be able to win.

Back at camp Susie is saying how she really thought tonight was the night she was going home.  Everyone is congratulating Bob about a great game and saying their good byes.  So I guess it’s agreed that Bob is going home.  Sugar says it that everyone knows Bob would win in the finals so he is probably going home.  Matty is telling Bob he feels horrible but he has to write his name down.  Susie just keeps on talking about how shocked she is that she won and she had to just keep picturing herself winning.  She then asks Bob honestly if he went to the final 3 does he think he would get a lot of jury votes?  Susie says she wants to know if Sugar or Bob had won would she have been the one going home.  Bob snaps that they all know what’s going down so let’s stop talking about it.  Susie keeps talking about her winning and Sugar and Matty say can she stop talking about winning.  Sugar tells Susie it’s just mean to keep talking about it.

Now Sugar is debating if she votes Matty and Bob votes Matty and Susie votes Bob and Susie votes Bob then it would be up to fate who goes home.  She says she promised Matty she would never write his name down but Bob is like a father figure so it’s a hard choice.  Bob goes off on his own and starts a fire.  Ahhh…he’s talking about it might come down to a tie breaker so he’s practicing making fire.  Sneaky, sneaky.  Go Bob!

Tribal Council

Jeff talks to Bob about how it was not being safe tonight.  He points out that Bob has several close allies on the jury.  Jeff then asks Matty how was it at camp.  Matty says he didn’t think there was much scrambling around camp other than what is going on in his head.  Jeff asks him what he plans on.  Matty says Sugar went out on a limb for him and saved him so he won’t vote for her so it’s Bob.  Bob says he thinks Matty has a better chance with the jury so it makes sense to vote him out and keep Sugar.  Sugar says she thinks she would lose to both of them and Corrinne nods at this.  Sugar also says that Matty is like a brother to her and Bob is like a father to her so it’s tough.

The Votes

Bob. Bob. Matty. Matty.  It’s a tie.  Corrinne is smiling like crazy.  Jeff says they will be going to a fire making tie breaker challenge.  Bob and Matty go to the fire making station.  You know I want Bob to win but it does kind of suck that Sugar tipped Bob off so he got to practice but didn’t give Matty a clue.  Oh well, I’ll be satisfied with either outcome I think as long as Susie doesn’t win the entire thing.  Bob’s practice is coming in handy and he gets fire first.  Matty just focus on your own fire instead of watching Bob!  Uh oh.  Bob loses his flame.  I seem to recall Matty sucking at fire making at a previous challenge.   So I think Bob still has a chance.  Bob’s flame is back!  Ugh!  Sugar is in tears again.  The more she cries the more she gets on my nerves.  It looks like Matty is giving up as Bob’s fire is hitting the string.  Bob wins the challenge and Matty goes home.  Corrinne yet again is gleeful.  Sugar shakes her head.  I think Bob has this in the bag going against Susie and Sugar.  I think Matty would have been the only one who had a chance against him.

Back at camp Bob marks off day 39 on a stake.  They go to tree mail and just find a bunch of food and drinks.  Ummm…ok what is up with Sugar?  It totally looks like she is wearing eye shadow, lip stick and I swear foundation.  In fact so does Susie.  Did they get a makeover as well and it just wasn’t shown?  Strange.  I mean I know you could technically use natural things to make makeup but somehow they don’t strike me as the type.

Anyway, they are getting ready to set the hut ablaze.

Huh, Kenny is still bitter that Bob didn’t give him the immunity idol and wants Bob to admit he isn’t an honorable person.  He thinks Sugar did a good job and Susie needs to say why she deserves to win above the other two.  Randy hates all 3 but thinks Sugar made a couple good moves.  He says he’s going to rip into Bob.  Corrinne sounds like she has a lot of bile stored up for final tribal council.

Jury-Marcus, Charlie, Brandy, Corrinne, Crystal, Kenny and Matty.

Final Tribal Council

Susie is basically saying she deserves to win because she feels totally confident going against Bob.  Huh?  That makes no sense.  Jeff winks.  Not sure about that either.  Bob says he played with gusto and heart and Kenny just looks mad again.  Of course Charlie and Corrinne smile.  He says he doesn’t think he outplayed or outwitted the jury but he did outlast.  Sugar says she felt she played the perfect social game.  She had to lie but she had to.  Her name was never written down and she thinks she played a pretty darn good game.  She says she never made an alliance until she did at the end to save Bob.

The Questions

Charlie is up first: he refers to when they had to rank tribe members in order of importance.  Susie was the worst and Sugar second to the worst so why do they deserve to win?  Susie said because she was underestimated but she is still trying.  Sugar says I don’t know, you don’t have to vote for me but it would be nice.  He asks Bob if he enjoyed their spooning.  So I’m pretty sure he’s going with Bob.

Crystal: tells Susie she was a total coat taile rider.  Tells Bob Sugar remote controlled him and asks Bob to say what did he do that wasn’t coat tail riding.  Bob said nothing.  He admits walking Sugar’s coat tails.  She wants to know why Sugar voted her out.  Sugar explains it was because of how she treated people.  She says she thinks Crystal will forgive her for voting her out.  Talk about cocky.

Kenny: just wants to know why Susie deserves his vote.  She just says she told him the truth about why she was there.  For Sugar he tells her she scarred him and really hurt him.  Sugar of course starts crying and says she also had an alliance with Matty and Bob and she thought Kenny was the bigger threat than Susie.  For Bob of course he goes back to the immunity idol deal.  Bob explains that when he said he would try to protect him it was assumed that meant Kenny would also help protect him.  When that wasn’t true the deal went out the window.  Kenny says that isn’t what he wanted to hear.  I don’t get why Kenny is being such a butthead.  It’s a game.  Does he think someone would willing put their own neck on the chopping block for him?  He thinks it’s no big deal to back stab someone but still expect them to give him their back to do so?  I mean come on.

Corrinne: She said she has one question for susie and if she says yes she will get her vote.  She says if she wins will she have her vocal chords removed?  Susie says No.  For Bob she wants to hear “nasty” Bob.  She wants him to make her believe he doesn’t like Sugar.  He says when he blind sided Randy he felt bad but he felt horrible about Sugar’s attitude.  Corrinne stops him before he starts to get nice again.  Sugar…she tells her she’s an unemployed, uneducated leach on society and all she would give her is some anti-depresants to seem more sincere when she is crying about her dead father and she doesn’t deserve the millions.  Wow!  Harsh.

Marcus: oh what a hottie!  He tells Susie he was surprised that “it’s just a game” was all it took to shed all her values of mothering.  He asks Sugar if she would use a por

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