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Foundation by Mercedes Lackey

December 19th, 2008 by Debbie's World of Books


I would rate this book at a 3 out of 5 stars.

Description from In this chronicle of the early history of Valdemar, Mercedes Lackey’s bestselling world, a thirteenyear- old orphan named Magpie escapes a life of slavery in the gem mines when he is chosen by one of the magical Companion horses of Valdemar to be trained as a Herald. Thrust into the center of a legend in the making, Magpie discovers talents he never knew he had—and witnesses the founding of the great Heralds’ Collegium.

I was so excited when I saw that Lackey finally came out with a new book in her Valdemar series.  I’ve been waiting years for a new full length Valdemar book and was disappointed when she wrote on her website she was taking a break writing her Valdemar books especially since I haven’t enjoyed any of her other new books.  While I thought Foundation wasn’t bad it’s definitely not going to be one of my favorites that I read and reread again and again.  Lackey seems to be setting it up for a series, maybe a trilogy, like her other books.  So hopefully book 2 will be better.  I definitely like Mags’ character and will be interested to find out his history and why he was labeled as “bad blood”.

I am also interested to see if Cole Pieters will be back in a later book.  You never really hear what happens to him and Mags keeps worrying that Cole will be back to get his revenge.  It’s hard to say if that thought was just a part of his character and his fear is supposed to go away as he becomes more comfortable as a Herald or if it is a sign of things to come.  So while I give this book only a 3 I will definitely be waiting for the next book to find out what happens.

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