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I'm home and have internet access again!

December 28th, 2008 by Debbie's World of Books

Thank goodness we are finally home!  I can’t believe how much I took my constant internet access for granted and the quietness of our house.  It may be tiny but at least it doesn’t have two hyperactive, screaming kids and two yelling adults along with my own family.  This visit with family did make me realize how my husband and I are still sort of living in a college apartment like home.  We still buy cheap furniture from Ikea because we can’t stand spending a ton of money on furniture.  My sister-in-law looks like they spent thousands of dollars on their furniture, paintings, decorations, etc.  I have to say their house did look very nicely decorated though.  I guess at least we can say other than our mortgage we have no debt and they have a ton of debt.  My husband and I did decide maybe we could spend a little bit of money to try and make our house look a little nicer though.

Speaking of spending a lot of money I couldn’t get over how many toys our nieces and nephews got for Christmas.  I mean you could literally open a small toy shop with all the stuff they got and already had.  It almost made me feel bad that we only got our daughter some books a toy or two.  Although at her age she is more interested in the boxes and wrapping paper.  That is why we figured why spend all the money on toys she will only play with for a few days.  Especially since we had a bunch of toys from other people. 

Our flight home was delayed almost 1 1/2 hours and we barely made our connections (but at least we did make it!), the wait for the shuttle to where we parked the car was the worst part.  We had to wait almost an hour in 50 degree weather with our daughter.  But we are finally home and she is actually taking a nap!

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