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Vampire Academy-What do you think will happen in book 4? Spoilers from first 3 books!

January 12th, 2009 by Debbie's World of Books

Since I’m anxiously for the next book to come out in August since I love Dmitri!  I can’t believe he has turned into a Strigoi!  I’m trying to hold out hope that somehow he is going to come back as a good guy and can live happily ever after with Rose.

So here is what I’m hoping or something along these lines?  Maybe he will really die but Lissa can use her powers to bring him back as a good, Shadow Kissed person?  Then he and Rose can have some sort of relationship.

What I think might happen is that Rose will have face down Dmitri but they will be at a draw in the first encounter (afterall I saw on Richelle Mead’s website that there will be 5 books in the series) and finally in book 5 Rose will have to kill him and she will end up doing a great job as Lissa’s guardian.

My final idea is that in book 4 Rose will end up killing Dmitri and in book 5 she ends up being a great guardian to Lissa and will help her navigate the court with the queen and the war between two factions of the Moroi.  Sad but I am leaning towards something along this line.

What do you think will happen?

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  1. Brooke

    The series ending makes me sad. Dmitri being Strigoi makes me even more sad! If Rose can in fact kill him, she’s stronger than I though, but I also think it will ruin her, not for us as a reader, but for herself. :(

  2. dsuzuki

    I think if she has to kill him it might be something like he gets a flash of the person he once was and he asks her to give him peace. I really am hoping there is a way for him to come back though.

  3. bookworm4life

    My thought (really, my hope) is that ghost Mason lied to Rose. I mean, he did want her in real life and was pretty crushed by her rejection…or that ghost Mason just thinks Dmitri turned Strigoi but he didn’t really, maybe turned into something else?

    I will certainly respect Mead for turning Dmitri Strigoi but I am really, really hoping for a happy ending.

    And, regarding what Brooke said, while I think if anyone’s going to beat Dmitri it would be Rose, but crazy, Strigoi Dmitri? That would be very tough for her.

    I don’t know how I’m going to wait for the next book!!!

  4. Katie

    oooh 5 books? That means I’ll have to wait AGAIN after the 4th one comes out? haha…

    Just finished the book last night, and was soooo sad. I thought he might die, but didn’t really see it coming that he’d become Strigoi.

    I really don’t know what’s going to happen. I was immediately going through lots of theories in my mind when I finished the book, but most of them ended with happily ever after, and I doubt that’s going to happen…

    I need to go check out the author’s site and blog. I’ve been avoiding it because I didn’t want any spoilers!!

  5. fantasymaniac

    I have to respect Mead for making Dimitri go strigoi. I thought about that as a plot twist when I finished the second book but reading it was a whole other story. It was great for the plot but hell on the emotions. I think that she will have to find a way to bring him back his soul though because, seriously, he and Rose have to get together. I also think that when/if they do, Lissa will have no problem with the both working for her even if they are in love. I don’t think she could do anything to hurt Rose. I really, really hope Dimitri comes back though. He’s just to good to leave out of the story.

  6. dsuzuki

    I don’t think Lissa would have a problem but I would think both Dmitri and Rose would worry that their love could lead to problems protecting Lissa together. That is unless Christian is also there to protect her :)

  7. Softball_chick984

    I just finished shadow kiss last night. i still can’t believe that Dimitri is a Strigoi. I hope that Mead finds a away for them to be together. they just have too, they’re soul mates. if that doesn’t work then i don’t minde Adrian and Rose getting together with Adraine since he really loves her. i can’t wait until August. I’m getting to the bookstore early in the morning.

  8. dsuzuki

    I think Adrian and Rose would be ok together but I am definitely hoping for Dmitri to come back. I can’t wait for August!

  9. Samercans Cullen

    I don’t think that Dimitri has turned strigoi. I think that he was captured for a reason and Rose and Lissa will have to hunt him down and save him.

    Or atleast I hope!

    But I also am begining to really like Adrian so….. I guess wil see!

    Very anxious though.

  10. Smegan

    I hope she finds a way for dimitri and rose to get back together because it freaken sucks that he is strogi I want them to live happily ever after. Basically roses life has been hell she deserves one good thing like DMiTRi!

  11. Jessica

    One thing that I am wondering about is Rose’s connection with the dead and undead. Could that possibly be used to bring back Dimitri’s soul? I cried when I got done with this book. I mean I have been waiting for their relationship to be a priority to them both and I have a hard time believing that just when they fully commit to each other that they will no longer be together. I really don’t know if I could see Rose with someone else.

  12. dsuzuki

    I totally agree Jessica. I can’t picture Rose with Adrian or anyone else. I so want her and Dmitri together.

  13. Jessica

    Yeah, I like Adrian a lot. He is a fun character, but I just can picture them together. There is so much about him she really does not like.

  14. bry

    i think tat she will have a baby by him cause they had sex because that is wat always happens like in breaking dawn (from twilight saga)

    some way she is goin to have a baby.Dimitri is in russia and he is like half human when he doesn’t drink human blood .Lissa is goin to marry adian she only for the queen.she will still love chisten.rose and dimitri will go to the rolae court where lissa stay to vist and and the people will start looking for dimtri

    * i hav thought this out lol*

    -BRY Vampire LUVER

  15. dsuzuki

    Wow! You did think it out . LOL. I can’t wait to find out.

  16. RosesBelikov

    There’s TOO many theories I have. But here’s one. Lissa’s going to keep working with Adrian to dream-walk, and in doing so, she’ll be able to work the bond between Rose and her, to her own advantage and she’ll be in Rose’s head, like Rose would be in hers, and Lissa will be able to send Rose her healing power and heal Dimitri that way and he becomes immortal. But the only downside to that, is Rose may die because of it. (The reason I say this one is because all Rose’s tarot reading said was Rose will destroy that which is undead, and Dimitri’s said He will lose that which he values most, but the wheeling keeps turning, always turning. In my opinion, what he values most IS, in fact Rose, and he’s immortal.)

    Lissa and Christian will stay together. Lissa’s going to need him after Rose dies. Lissa will become severely depressed if she doesn’t have either Rose or Christian. More than not if she doesn’t have Rose. That’s just one theory. (Lissa’s tarot reading – the road she’s on is filled with difficulty, but that what happens will illuminate the world)

    Another theory is that Rose will kill Dimitri, be pregnant by him, and get with Adrian. While there’s a lot that Rose doesn’t like about Adrian NOW, it’s only because she doesn’t really know him. I LOVE Adrian, and always kind of wanted Rose and Adrian to get together, but not with Dimitri around, or at the expense of Dimitri.

    Lissa may end up becoming a Strigoi, but because she has the power to heal, may end up becoming something else, or healing herself, or somehow tranfer the power to Rose and Rose will heal her.

  17. dsuzuki

    I forgot about Rose’s tarot reading. So yeah, that does make me wonder what will end up happening to her.

  18. Lindsey

    I honestly don’t know. I hope maybe Lissa will follow her to find Dimitri and then she could heal him somehow. (idk i just love dimitri!) but i found a song that reminds me alot of Dimitri becoming strogi. here is the lyrics:

    Here is a vid:

  19. tasha

    what i think will happen is tat dimitri is not stringo and is hidding 4rm them ! Rose is PREGANT with dimitris baby! I hope lissa learns tat rose was tired of putting her self in first now it’s rose time to shine “like she always does”! i think rose will find his grandmother and her father and they will help her find dimitri” and successed! YEH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! hopefully she has the baby in the 5th book! thats what i think will happen!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!♥

  20. Suzy-Q

    What I think-or desperately hope ;) – is this… Rose and Dimitri love each other more than their own lives. I think because this reason IF in fact Dimitri IS strigoi then their love will over power everything. You know how when you go strigoi you are supposed to lose all sense of who you are…well I think that their love will keep him sane.


    Lissa can bring back the dead….so MAYBE she can bring back the strigoi. I think if she can, then she will find Rose , who found Dimitri, and will *heal* him.

    What do you think about my guesses?? All I know for sure is that I LOVE Rose and Dimitri together. If Rose had to kill I would HATE that very very much!

    P.S. I really hope the Rose goes ahead and takes the chance on herself, instead of always putting Lissa first. Also…think about this,,, before Dimitri was a dhampire…he and Rose could NOT have a baby. If infact my first guess is correct *he stays sane because of their love* then He is strigoi and Rose is still dhampir… they COULD have a baby!!

  21. dsuzuki

    I really hope Lissa uses her powers to help Rose and Dmitri after all Rose gives up for her.

  22. elfenwolf

    My theory is that Rose hunts down Dimitri and finds him. Dimitri is a phsycopathic killer type person (of course since he’s strigoi) but then he see’s rose and it’s kind of a flashback love is stronger then everything moment. Rose tries to kill him but her weakness for Dimitri stops her and Dimitri tells her she still loves her and blah blah blah. So Rose believes him and they stay together for a while. They always said Dhamphirs could only have babies with moroi but they never even talked about Strigoi. So I think she’ll become pregnant with his baby. She begs him to come back and he kinda gives her a are you mad? look but then Lissa comes and after looking through ancient scrolls on St. Vladmir it talks about him healing a strigoi… only once. it was said only that one time and it happened when Ana actually DID become strigoi he killed her then brought her back to life as a normal dhamphir and that’s how there bond was made. So Dimitri begs Rose to kill him so that they can truely be together but after all that’s happened rose can’t kill her one love so Christain or someone else does it ( no idea who ) then Lissa brings him back to life and he’s a dhamphir again. They all live happily ever after :) I think that’d be the perfect way to piece the puzzle together!!! OMG!! I seriously can’t wait to find out what happens!!! i’m flipped out :P so tell me what u think ty!! :D

  23. dsuzuki

    Wow. Sounds like you have been thinking about it a lot. That theory sounds good to me. I’m happy as long as Rose and Dmitri end up together.

  24. elfenwolf

    Likewise :D I”d absolutely flip out if she got stuck with Adrian I’d HATE them together…. *shudders* I CAN’T WAIT!!!!! :D

  25. elfenwolf

    Oh but I think Adrian is awesome just as a chracter lol

  26. dsuzuki

    Adrian is cool but not as good as Dmitri :)

  27. elfenwolf

    100% agreed :D

  28. Katie

    Rose won’t be able to kill Dimitri – she can’t. Rose will want to be with Dimitri regardless of her sacrifice; Rose will ‘awaken’. Just like Christian’s parents…

  29. elfenwolf

    There’s no way people would hate that ending too much I think

  30. dsuzuki

    Wow, caitlyn you did a lot of research for your theories. I can’t wait to see if anyone is right. I’m going to a signing by Mead today and they mentioned she might talk a bit about Blood Promise so we will see.

  31. Christine

    well, i have done some thinking too. I just finished Shadow Kissed, and I have a few theories.

    #1. Mason was lying. he loved rose and was trying to protect her or something like that.

    #2. Dimitri dies but Lissa brings his back and makes him Shadow Kissed, and he and Rose will be together.

    #3. Adrian and Rose get together and Rose kills Dimitri (I HATE THIS THEORY! i dont mind Adrian but I really dont want Rose to kill Dimitri)

    #4. (My favorite theory) Since Rose is “Shadow Kissed” she finds Dimitri’s soul and returns it to his body somehow, and since there is two more books something has to happen. I dont think Richelle would do that to Dimitri. She would know how much it would kill her books fame, and would sadden her fans. So personally i think Rose will save Dimitri. I hope so!!!!!

    Well we will all just have to keep our fingers crossed for them. i dont know what will happen but what ever DOES happen, we can keep i n mind that it will sure be happy. Richelle would never do something so terrible to her fans and readers. At least i dont think so. So let’s keep our fingers toes arms legs eyes, and head if possible crossed!!!!!

  32. Debbie

    At the book signing she did talk a little about Blood Promise but said we couldn’t blog or post video of her talk until her publisher gives the ok and releases the book blurb. :( It does sound really good though! No hint as to what’s going to happen between Rose and Dmitri in the end though.

  33. elfenwolf

    Gah!!! now I’m flipping out again! I really really really really really want to knooooowwwww :( lol her publisher better step on it lol. And I like theory number 4 the best too christine :)

  34. caitlyn

    i agree

    My theory———————————-

    i think that mason was lying. i think he was lying to protect rose. i think that demetri is still alive, and being held captive by the blond vampire. (im kind of thinking maybe he was her dad before he turned stagoi?) i think the blonds plan all along was to lower rose away, knowing she was one of the stronger guardians, and because of her bond with lissa… he wants lissa dead. He says so. i think that mason lyed trying to save lissa from being killed. and from the same thing that happened with him and rose from happening to her and demitri. He knew that love/a crush got in the way with rational thought process, like when he went back for rose.

    lissas future thing-“You’re on the verge of a new beginning, a rebirth of great power and emotion. Your life will change, but it will be a change that takes you in a direction that, while difficult, will ultimately illuminate the world.” (i think that means her and roses bond will change.. idk how but i think they will be able to team up and with roses connection with the dead and lissa healing and who know what else that the spirt can do.. that they will be able to team up and litterly make a cure for stagoi illuminating the world… and illuminating means lightening.. the stagoi need darkness.. so i think i could be right..) (it will be hard of coarse draning lissa but they will be able to get threw it) (what if the rebirth wasn’t for her? What if it for demetri from her? Lissa could save him?)”Power and leadership lie ahead of you, which you will handle with grace and intelligence. The seeds are already in place, though there’s an edge of uncertainty-an enigmatic set of influences that hang around you like mist.” (the influences are gosts?) (power over death?)

    roses future thing-“You will destroy that which is undead.” i think this only back up what i just said about lissa.. it says destroy not kill.. therefore im thinking there will be a way to destroy the stagoi without killing it… (possible depending on how it was made.. like if it did it willingly yeah it needs to die.. but it it happened again its will and a stagoi changed another being into a stagoi.. i think that will affect what happens after i think there may be a way to retrieve the soul)

    demetris future thing-“You will lose what you value most, so treasure it while you can.” everyone thought it would be rose.. but then they thought it must be he soul.. i think that it still is rose.. not like she will die but.. everything that has happened has taken a piece of her soul with it.. she even says that.. i think after he is saved.. or after whatever.. rose will change i think she will be different.. like nothing like the old rose.. and i think the bond with change.. or they will discover more uses of it.. (if lissa and rose arent at piece with each other can the bond sop working? leave rose.. lifeless?) (if rose and lissa can be in one body together.. could roses connection with the dead and lissas ability to bring back to life merge and be able to save demetri?)

    i dont know. Im dying to find out what it going to happen.. but i have a feeling that mead will do something totally different than everyone things.. so far.. she has surprise me with almost everything that happened.. with adrien and the spirit and the vamp threatening rose happened to be the same one that was last seen with demeti alive.. i think there will be a new twist.. a huge one in face that will leave everyone who thought they had it all figured out completely dumbfounded.. demetri better not die. him and rose need ot be together. but like i said.. i think mason was lying and trying to protect rose.. but it almost made the situation worse.. or maybe he knew shed go after him and was trying to get her to a safer location because the academy isnt safe for her? who knows but i have lots of theories… email me at [email protected] if you have any really good theories.. i really like this series and the suspense is killing me!! i wana to try to figure out what happens… another theory of mine is…i think that rose will maybe slip into lissas body and find a way to control it and save demetri herself..

    I also think that victor dashkov will be the one who gives them the idea or tell them about the power/bond idea of mine. He did his studies.. I think he knows more about the powers than they do…

  35. dsuzuki

    I know. She said her publisher is really strict about when she is able to post the book covers and book blurbs.

  36. elfenwolf

    mean…. lol

  37. dsuzuki

    Well, the book blurb is now up so what do you think? I wonder what Rose is going to find in Russia?

  38. elfenwolf

    Gah!!!! can’t wait can’t wait!! :D I think the book blurb is freakin awesome!! love it

  39. kimchiixD

    nooo they will not have a baby. dats like—so gahh. i mean in my opinion renesme in twilight just ruins it. [email protected]$!390!! and they can’t be pregnant. remember??? dhampir + dhampir??? but i think the portal of darkness rose will go there and fetch dimitri soul back!! :'[ i stayed up 3 day straight reading all three books—but trust me, sleeping through school is all worth it! :D

  40. dsuzuki

    Her blog is here:

  41. Christine

    hahaha Kimichii i know what you mean. and i agree with everything you said.

  42. elfenwolf

    yeah dhampir and dhampir can’t have a baby but they never said anything about dhampir and strigoi in any of the books :)

  43. JuicySecret

    Don’t forget that Rose is shadow-kissed. Is it even possible for her to turn Strigoi? I don’t know, but I think she is due to discover more gifts and powers that go along with her shadow-kissed-ness. Maybe Demitri will be able to live as a good Strigoi/fight his dark side? I don’t know. Maybe because his turning was involuntary he will be able to come back? I don’t think Rose will kill him. He is still Demetri, Strigoi or no! And Adrian and Lissa have Spirit, so that might come into play as well in Demitri’s redemption. If Demitri dies I’ll be soooo angry!! I cannot wait for Blood Promise!!!!!!!

  44. Christine

    let’s all agree on one thing, Dimitri is NOT going to die, or we’ll die with him!

  45. dsuzuki

    I really, really hope he doesn’t die. I’m a little worried because seems like some books nowadays don’t mind having sad endings.

  46. anna rose

    yeah that is true

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