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Lost in Austen tv series

January 14th, 2009 by Debbie's World of Books

I posted yesterday about a tv series called Lost in Austen.  It’s about a woman, Amanda Price, who one day finds Lizzie Bennet from her favorite book Pride & Prejudice in her bathroom.  She came through a secret door that leads in the Bennets home.  The two end up swapping places and the story follows Amanda as she tries to keep the story lines as they are in the book but every goes crazy.  Jane ends up marrying Mr. Collins, Lydia runs off with Mr. Bingley and Charlotte ends up running off to Africa.  Then she ends up falling in love with Mr. Darcy her self.  Can she straighten everything out?

I actually really enjoyed the series even though I had to watch episodes 1 & 2 on youtube and probably missed quite a bit.  Luckily I managed to DVR episodes 3 & 4.  It was fun to watch although Amanda is such an idiot it’s amazing they did not lock her up as a crazy person or something.  I really liked Mrs. Bennet.  She was still silly but not quite so irritating as she was in the BBC movie adaptation.  In the movie I had a hard time even listening to her.  This show gave her a bit of spunk especially at the end.  I am disappointed that yet again Mr. Darcy was not all that handsome.  I have not been happy with either casting in the BBC adaptation or the Keira Knightly adaptation when it came to Mr. Darcy.  Gemma Arterton plays Lizzie and although you don’t see her much she was probably the cutest Lizzie cast.  She reminds me of a pixie.  It was hilarious to see where they took the Caroline Bingley character.  I actually burst out laughing when she comes on to Amanda.

My favorite change to the characters is probably Wickham.  He was such a jerk in the book that it was nice to see him casted in a kinder light in the series.  He was both smarmy yet charming and you can’t help but smile.

The ending was pretty implausible in my opinion although I suppose the entire idea is implausible.  All in all an enjoyable series though.

Stop reading if you don’t want any spoilers.

Since Amanda makes the deal with Lady Catherine to get Jane’s marriage annulled as long as Amanda is no longer in society I don’t see how she can stay with Mr. Darcy.  Unless they keep it secret until the annulment is finalized?  I also wonder if the door will continue to connect the modern world with the P&P world because it’s hard to imagine Lizzie abandoning her family and never returning.  I am glad that Jane and Mr. Bingley end up together.

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  1. karinlibrarian

    Thank you for linking to me in your Blogroll. Also, thanks for the info on the TV show. My library assistant loves Pride and Prejudice and I bought her the book LOST IN AUSTEN. She really got a kick out of the book and liked watching some clips of the show on YouTube.


  2. dsuzuki

    No problem. You have a great blog. I’m glad your library assistant enjoyed the book and youtube clips. I’m actually planning on checking out the book The Darcys and the Bingleys that J. Kaye had featured on her blog.

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