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Monday Musings January 19

January 18th, 2009 by Debbie's World of Books


How does your being sick (or injured) affect your reading? Do you read more? Less? Do you pick out a different book than you had already planned? Do you have a “comfort book” that makes you feel better?

For me it depends on what I’m sick with.  If it’s something like the flu where I can’t leave bed I’ll usually curl up with a book when I feel conscious enough to actually focus on reading.  Otherwise, I turn on the TV so I can just vege out.

If I don’t have a headache I’ll read whatever I am in the middle of which usually means catching up on new books.  In these cases I can usually get through more books than usual.  If whatever I have is giving me a headache or making me really tired I’ll stick with books that I have read over and over before.  My fallback books are usually Pride & Prejudice, Mercedes Lackey’s Heralds of Valdemar series, Mage Storm series or the Owl series.  Or if I am in the mood for a romance I’ll pick up The Viscount Who Loved Me, Never a Lady or Say You Love Me.  I love those books and since I already know what happens I can enjoy the story without having to focus on every word and processing what is in front of my face.

I have to admit I do love those days where I am too sick to go to work but not sick enough not to be able to focus on reading.  It’s the only time I can really read for a long period of time without feeling guilty.

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  1. Jo

    I never get just a bit ill! I know thats a good thing but sometimes i wish i could get poorly enough to be off work, but well enough to read! I’m grateful really that i don’t get ill though!

  2. Beth F

    If I’m reading something that takes concentration when I get sick, I’ll put it aside and turn to something lighter.

  3. Rebecca

    ah, guilt free semi-sick reading days are the best kind of sickies :)

  4. Kara

    I love those days where you are sick enough to take off work but still able to concentrate on reading!! The only time I can’t read are those times when I get a headache while being sick.

  5. bluestockingbb

    I don’t have comfort reads.

    But I do have an author visiting today! Marie Bostwick.

    Book Reviews

  6. Kim

    I am laughing because I too love those, “guilt free semi-sick ” as Rebecca above put it! I haven’t had one in a while-nor been sick, knock on wood. It seems that at least once a year, in recent years, I come down with at least one good bug that lays me flat and they really aren’t fun. I am amazed at how many people re-read books! I am not much of a re-reader–I think because my tbr stack is so out of control I feel I need to keep books there moving. :)



  7. dsuzuki

    I was such a hard core re-reader until I found book blogs and now my TBR pile is huge. So most of my re-reads are now when I’m sick or I know if I start a new book I won’t be able to put it down and really need to get some sleep that night.

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