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Musing Mondays January 26

January 25th, 2009 by Debbie's World of Books


A few weeks back we had a question about borrowing books, this week I was wondering what your policy was on lending books. Do you lend books to anyone? Just friends? Only big readers? How long are they allowed to have them?

I don’t mind lending books to friends if they ask me for one.   I usually only offer books to friends who I know read a lot and I pretty much know their reading tastes.  I have one friend who loves to read but has very little time so she is usually one person I will regularly lend books to if I think they would interest her.  I never say they have to return them within a certain time period.  I usually say just whenever they are done reading them.  Of course this means one of my friends have had a few of my books for probably 6 months or more but most return them within a month or so.  One of my friends says she always feels pressure to read books she borrows from friends as soon as possible because she is paranoid about remembering  who lent them to her.

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  1. Dave at Read Street

    I’m a sucker for lending books. I’ll often give them to friends or relatives who are visiting from out-of-town. I hope they books will be returned, but I’m realistic, too. I’m still missing What is The What from last year, and The Universal Baseball Association, one of my favorites.

    Maybe that’s why I only lend paperbacks. :)

  2. dsuzuki

    I lent my SIL The Viscount Who Loved Me and never got it back so I ended up buying a new copy.

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