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Bookstores in libraries part II

February 8th, 2009 by Debbie's World of Books

Talk about coincidences that I recently posted about bookstores in libraries and then I got an email from one of my library groups talking about the libraries in the area that have some sort of bookstores in them.  A couple interesting points was:

Newport Beach Public Library Friends bookstore generaes $150-200K to support the library.  I am assuming that is per year.  I don’t know what a typical library budget is but that sounds like  a nice chunk of change.

The Huntington Beach Public Library has a full size store in the library and even sells their books through Amazon.  They said they net about $15,000 a month which seems impressive as well.

What really surprised me was the email mentioned a couple libraries that had commercial partnerships with Borders Express and other bookstores.  I think that is an interesting idea.  I wonder how much money those types of partnerships bring in.

Thanks Derek for letting me share some of this info!

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  1. lilly

    I wish my library had a bookstore because the closest bookstore (Borders) is 20 miles away from where I live.

  2. Eva

    I’m not a bit surprised at the Newport Beach numbers – it’s the best FoL bookstore in the world!

  3. dsuzuki

    OMG, 20 miles away?! That would kill me. I hope you have a good library system.

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