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Amazing Race Premiere recap

February 15th, 2009 by Debbie's World of Books

Amazing Race kicked off tonight.  Here are this season’s teams:

  • Amanda and Kris-dating couple who met 3 years ago
  • Brad and Victoria-Married for 9 years
  • Cara and Jaime-friends of 4 years who met while trying out for the Miami Dolphin cheerleading squad
  • Christie and Jodi-two flight attendents who met 6 years ago working on a Southwest Airlines flight
  • Jennifer and Preston-dating for nearly 2 years
  • LaKisha and Jennifer-two former Division 1 college athletes
  • Linda and Steve-married for 17 years
  • Margie and Luke-Mother/son team.  Luke has been deaf since birth and using ASL to communicate
  • Mark and Michael-brothers standing at just 4’9″
  • Mel and Mike-Father/son team.  Mel has a life partner of 27 years and his son Mike is also gay
  • Tammy and Victor-brother/sister lawyer duo who both attended Harvard Law

The teams are taken by Marine helicopter to the starting point and the teams are introduced.  First impressions…I find it amazing that Luke is going to compete not being able to hear or read lips.  I would think this is going to be extremely tough for them.  Victor seems like a cutie.  Wow, Brad and Victoria look like they are really in good shape for the older team.  Mark and Michael are stuntmen which you would think should mean they will be good at the thrill seeking challenges.  Not sure which one she is but one of the cheerleaders definitely looks like she’s had a boob job.

Phil is telling them the rules and that the winner gets $1 million dollars. And…they are off!  They are going to Locarno, Switzerland and have to take one of two flights.  Tammy and Victor get to the airport first and head to the Lufthansa flight which departs first.  Christie & Jodi, Mark and Michael, Brad and Victoria, Margie and Luke and Jaime and Cara are also on this flight.  The Air France flight leaves later but the sisters find out the train ride to Locarno is shorter from their destination.

The teams on the Lufthansa flight catch a train from Zurich to Locarno.  The Air France flight teams catch their train in Milan.  The Zurich train station is right in the airport.  Preston and Jennifer get lost and miss their train in Milan.  They start fighting once they get on the next train.  I don’t know how long that team is going to last if this is how they will be the whole race.  Christie & Jodi found a lady who offered to take them to their exact location on a quicker train.  They have to go to the Church of San Antonio, sign the register and receive information from a priest.  Christie and Jodi are the first ones to sign in and get a 7:15am departure.  Tammy and Victor are second, Margie and Luke and Michael and Mark make the 715 departure as well.  The next four teams get a 730 departure.  The last departure is 745.  Kisha and Jen, Steve and Linda, Amanda and Kris and I guess Preston and Jennifer will be on the last departure.

The teams all then head for  the camp site.  The country hicks couple is falling apart and Linda is crying that Steve is yelling at her and that she can’t run and is tired.   I don’t think Linda is going to have the stamina to last long.

Using the provided picture teams have to race to the Verzasca Dam for their next clue.  Mark and Michael are off first.  Christie and Jodi are waiting for a cab while everyone else seems to be finding cabs some where else. 

Roadblock-Who has nerves of steel?  One team member has to perform the second highest bungee jump in the world.   Of course the stuntmen brothers are excited.  Victor and Michael do it for their teams.  Mike and Luke go for their teams.  LOL.  Linda is telling her taxi driver to go fast but follow the speed limit.  Victor’s up!  OMG, this drop looks insane!  He is saying going into the challenge he didn’t realize he had a fear of heights since he’s never been up that high.  And he jumps without having to be pushed.  I would have to tell them just push me off.

Clue-Take a train to Interlaken, Kleine Rugen Wiese to get their next clue.  Michael goes next of course with no problems.  Jodi is freaking out.  Luke is next and looks like he is going to cry but jumps off without hesitation.  Afterwards he says he loved it.  Mike goes for his team.  Victoria goes for her team and loves it.  Jodi is up and is in tears.  Her teammate is also in tears.  Wow and she doesn’t even scream the whole way down.

Tammy and Victor, Michael and Mark, Mel and Mike and I think one other team get on the first train.  Steve is the last to bungee jump.   

Teams have to take a pair of antique cheese racks to the top of a hill and transport 200lbs of cheese to the bottom of the fill and stack them up.  I think the country hicks are going to struggle.  Dang, that hill is steep and slippery!  Victor takes two blocks but it looks like everyone else is taking one at a time.  Margie’s rack breaks and her cheese block goes rolling down the hill.  Victor falls and his rack breaks.  LOL.  There are a bunch of guys drinking and watching from the bottom of the hill.  Ouch!  Luke’s cheese gets him running down hill until he slips and falls.  His cheese block goes rolling down the hill and the guys at the bottom of the hill are cracking up.  The dad(Mel? Mike?) is sliding down his butt which looks to be the better idea.  Although it looks dangerous with all these cheese blocks rolling down the hill.  Need to make sure he doesn’t get run over.  Looks like some of the teams are saying screw the racks and just carry the cheese by hand.  I don’t know if it matters but I would just roll the darn cheese block down the hill and pick it up at the bottom of the hill.   Tammy is complaining about how she is tired and Victor just tells her ot remember her 1 1/2 hour long yoga class and keep going.  Luke and Margie finish first. 

The pit stop is Stechelbergand they have to follow the sound of yodelers to find the check in spot.   Victor and Tammy finish second.  Mark and Michael are third.  Mel is still going down hill on his butt but manage to finish 4th.   Steve is carrying Linda’s pack but she is still struggling.  I think it’s Preston that is also carrying two racks and Jennifer is struggling.  LOL.   Steve is now pushing Linda up the hill.

Luke and Margie are the first team to check in and Phil signs that to them.  Tammy and Victor are second.  They win a trip for two to Puerta Valarta, Mexico.  Mark and Michael are team 3.

Steve is smart.  He loaded 3 blocks on his board and is sliding it down the hill.  Wow, he and Linda are finished with the cheese.  Mel and Mike are team 4 to check in.  Haha…Jennifer’s cheese goes rolling way off and Preston is saying how he may never eat cheese again.  Man I feel bad for the all girl teams on this task.  I don’t care how good a shape you are in lugging those cheese can’t be easy even sliding it down hill.  Christie and Jodi finish last at the cheese.  Steve and Linda are searching for the yodelers and get passed by Brad and Victoria (team 6).  I missed team 5.  Jaime and Cara are team 7.  Linda and Steve are still wandering around.  Kisha and Jen are team 8.  Linda and Steve are team 9.  It’s a race between Christie and Jodi and Preston and Jennifer.  Geez, Preston is piggy backing Jennifer.  They might have ran faster if Jen ran herself.  They deserve to be eliminated.  Jen cries saying she felt like she didn’t give it her all and let Preston down.   Honestly, I think it’s a good thing they are out.  I think their relationship would have been hit hard if they stayed.

I think right now I have to root for Victor and Tammy and Mark and Michael.

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  1. Dan

    Nice recap. I almost don’t have to watch the show since you were so detailed. I now know where to go if I happen to miss any of it. Thanks!

  2. Debbie

    LOL. I have a friend who doesn’t like to watch reality shows but wants to know what is going on to keep up with office gossip. She said this helps.

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