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Amazing Race February 22

February 22nd, 2009 by Debbie's World of Books

2:56am-Margie and Luke get their first clue.  They are heading to Munich, Germany.  Tammy and Victor leave at 2:57 and they ask their cab driver if they can use his cell phone to make their flight reservation.  The brothers left at 2:59 and then there was a little break when the father son left at 3:18am.  Looks like the rest of the teams are almost an hour behind Margie and Luke.  So we’ll see if everyone catches up at the airport.

The country hicks are in tears with the husband apologizing for treating his wife the way he did on the last leg of the race.

Margie and Luke are trying to get on a 7:10 flight and make it.  It looks like the flight is full.  Luckily several other teams made reservations on the phone.  Mark and Michael dropped to ninth since they couldn’t get on the flight.  They are with Jodi and Christie on a later flight.

Tammy and Victor get to the next destination first and just make a cable car.  The next team has to wait 15 minutes for another one. 

Road Block: Who is ready to fly like an eagle?   The team member has to tandem paraglide off a mountain to the ground 6000 feet below.  If there are unsafe wind conditions they can wait for conditions to improve or do a 60 minute hike.  Tammy gets ready but the instructor said the winds are unsafe so Tammy decides to walk down.  Mel does it for his team.  Margie decides to run and Kris decides to run too.  Mel injured his groin in the last leg so he can’t run.  Linda decides to run too.

Mel’s praying for the winds to change as the last team, Michael and Mark, show up.  Everyone decides to run except for Mel.  And the wind might be changing!  Yep, they are letting Mel go!  I wonder where the other teams are.  Tammy is done!  Drive yourselves 25 miles to their next clue.

OMG, this paragliding looks like so much fun!  Margie is down to the bottom.  Kris gets down to the bottom 3rd.  Victoria reaches the bottom 4th.  And Linda takes a wrong turn as she misses a root marker.  Everyone else looks like they are going the right direction.  Mel reaches the bottom 5th. 

Detour: Balancing Dolly or Austrian Folly.  Balancing dolly the teams have to ride a segway across a 2 mile obstacle course.  I love Segways!  Austrian Folly the teams have to take turns throwing pies at each others face to find a cherry filled pie.

Tammy and Victor choose Austrian pie.  I would have chosen dolly just for the fun of driving a segway again.  Tammy and Victor are having a blast throwing pies at each other and seem to finish pretty quickly.

Teams must make their way on foot to a woodcutter and the woodcutter will stamp it with their next clue.  Then teams have to drive to the Austrian city of Salzburg and find Schloss Hellbrunn-the pit stop for this leg of the race.

Mark and one of the other girls get down to the bottom of the bottom.  Linda is way lost as she hits a street.  She’s in tears saying her husband is going to hate her now.  They are the only team left.  Linda is breaking down.  I don’t know why she doesn’t just head back up and look for a route marker she missed.  She gets a ride back to the cable car station from a passing driver.

Tammy and Victor are team #1!  They each won a hybrid go-kart.  They were going to hug but Tammy tells Victor he’s all gross from the pies.

Amanda and Kris choose the pies for the detour  So Linda gets back to the clue box but not sure if she gets a penalty for coming down the wrong side of the mountain.  Mel and Mike choose the Segway.  Haha…Luke wants to do the Segway but Margie wants to do the pies and he signs-She’s my mom, what can I say? 

Mel and Mike finish the segway.  Brad and Victoria arrive and choose the pies.  The sisters get lost driving to the detour.  Luke looks so unhappy doing the pies and I think is taking his anger out in the pie throwing.  Brad and Victoria finished the pies quick!  Jaime and Cara choose the segway.

Mel and Mike get to the pit stop and can see Phil but they can’t get the gate open.  A guy shows up and simply pulls the gate open.  They are team 2.  Amanda and Kris are team 3.    Margie and Luke are team 4.  Brad and Victoria are team 5.  Jaime and Cara are team 6 14 hours after the race started.  The flight attendents finally finish the pies as Linda and Steve arrive at the detour.  The flight attendants totally miss the wood cutter and are searching the barn or something.  Linda and Steve finish pies as the flight attendants are still searching.

Kisha and Jen are lost again trying to find the detour.  The younger sister is pissed.  Christie and Jodi finally get directions to the wood cutter.  Steve and Linda look like they have no problem finding the wood cutter.  So now it’s a race to the pit stop.  Kisha and Jen are team 7.  Mark and Michael are team 8.  It’s a foot race between Linda and Steve and the flight attendants.  So of course the flight attendants are team 9.  They are eliminated from the race.  Considering Linda went down the wrong side of the mountain they made it a pretty good race.

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  1. lilly

    I used to watch Amazing race religiously. I don’t even know why I stopped. I guess it might have to do with me boycotting TV in general, I spent a sick amount of TV watching so I had to stop.

  2. dsuzuki

    LOL. Before my daughter was born I watched way too much tv. Right now Amazing Race is pretty much the only show I make sure to watch.

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