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Amazing Race March 1

March 1st, 2009 by Debbie's World of Books

First off sorry if this is a little rambling and choppy.  My daughter is having a hard time going to bed and my husband is throwing a temper tantrum so it’s hard to pay attention.

Tammy and Victor are the first to leave at 10:13 am and are headed to Bucharest, Romania where they have to go to a gymnastics hall.  They head to a travel agency to book their flight and then head to the train station.  Mel and Mike leave second around noon and then the other teams follow.  At the airport Tammy and Victor check again if they can get on an earlier flight that was booked full and manage to get on.  A couple of the teams get help from locals to get their flight.  There is a 4:45pm flight that the locals don’t think they can make.  One team decides to try for it and another decides to go with the safer, later flight.  The last team departs at 2:42pm.

Tammy and Victor are the only ones on a 3:25pm flight to Bucharest but their flight has technical problems and they have to turn around and go back to Munich.  So now they are racing to see if they can make the 4:45pm flight but no dice.  So they fall behind as several other teams make it on.  Tammy and Victor finally end up getting on a 9:30 pm flight.  Brad and Victoria caught a 7pm flight but end up missing their connection in Amsterdam.  Turns on that flight was the last flight of the night.  So they need to wait to 9:15am the next morning to leave.  Looks like a lot of people are getting screwed on flights.

Road Block: one person has to perform gymnastics-balance beam, parallel bars and floor exercise.  Amanda does it for her team.  Margie does it for her team as Luke doesn’t want to wear a leotard.  Amanda passes the balance beam and moves onto the parallel bars.  Margie is having a tough time on the balance beam.  Mike does it for his team.  Amanda is done with no problem.

Now they have to go by train to Brasov, Transylvania to get their next clue.  Margie finishes second and then Mike.  Amanda and Kris and Margie and Luke get train tickets that leave the next morning.  The other teams finally arrive in Bucharest.  I think the only teams missing is Brad and Victoria.  Tammy and Victor end up at the wrong center.  Kisha and Jen, Mark and Michael, Jaime and Cara and Christie and Jodi all arrive at the right spot.  A couple of the teams are having a hard time with the parallel bars as they are having problems with upper body strength.  Tammy is totally stressing out and messing up.  Christie & Jodi finish first.  Then Mark and Michael, Jaime & Cara and Kisha and Jen.  LOL.  Tammy can’t do the floor exercise because she can’t do a cart wheel and a forward roll.  She finally finishes and they are in 8th place.  Victor is totally frustrated with her and Tammy is frustrated.  Tammy is in tears thinking Victor thinks she is weak and doesn’t have good ideas.

Everyone is caught up at the train station now though.  Jaime and Cara are talking with Luke and saying how they enjoy communicating with him.  Brad and Victoria are finally on their way to Bucharest.

Tammy and Victor get into a cab first but Amanda and Kris’s taxi driver said he will try a couple short cuts and gets them to the clue box first.

Detour: Gypsy moves or Vampire Remains.  Gypsy moves-they have to go to a gypsy settlement and load a family’s belongings onto a cart, take it to a new camp and unload the belongings.  In Vampire Remains they have to go to a woods, drag a coffin to another location, unlock the chains around it and impale frames on stakes to find a flag to exchange for their clue.  Amanda and Kris and Mel and Mike both go to the gypsy moves.  Man, there is a ton of junk to transport.  There are like rusted car frames and tires and barrels.  Talk about labor intensive.  Mel is struggling.  Jaime and Cara’s cab driver is lost. and it looks like Margie and Luke were following them.  Amanda and Kris are on their way with the Gypsy junk but the stuff starts to fall off the cart.  Kisha and Jen arrive at the Gypsy move task.  Mel and Mike are off on the move.  Tammy and Victor and Jodi and Christie go to Vampire Remains.  Victor starts following an incorrect marked path.  Tammy is arguing that the markers are usually red and yellow where as the ones Victor is following is red and white.  Victor doesn’t want to listen to her.  Mark and Michael arrive at the Gypsy moves.  Amanda and Kris are unloading.  Mel and Mike are unloading and Tammy and Victor are still lost.  Margie and Luke and Cara and Jaime finally get to the Vampire Remains.

Amanda and Kris are done first.  Now they have to go by taxi to Vila Panoramic, the pit stop.  Man, I hope Tammy and Victor don’t get eliminated although Brad and Victoria don’t seem so bad either.  Margie and Luke are doing well with the coffin.  Tammy is still telling Victor she thinks they are in the wrong spot but he refuses to go back down.  Amanda and Kris left their bags behind and when they get back to the Gypsy camp their bags are missing.  So Mel and Mike take the lead.  Tammy is telling Victor it’s frustrating that they have to follow his gut and not hers.  Amanda and Kris finally find their bags and are heading out second.

Mel and Mike check in first.  They win a trip for two to Costa Rica.  Amanda and Kris are team 2.  Tammy and Victor are still arguing but Victor still wont’ back down.  Man, he is going to be the end of this team.  Margie and Luke finish the Vampire Remains finally.  Mark and Michael finish the Gypsy Moves.  Victor is in tears and Tammy tells Victor if he is the decision maker he needs to make a decision.  He tells her she can help make the decision so she tells him to go back down.  He finally agrees.

Kisha and Jen are team 3.  Margie and Luke are team 4.  Tammy and Victor finally get back to the bottom of the hill and find the right markers.  Mark and Michael are team 5 and Christie and Jodi are team 6.  Tammy and Victor finally find their coffin but they are missing a key so they have to go searching around the hill for it.  They finally check in as team 8.  Victor is in tears.  I wonder how these tears and hard headedness will affect his reputation as a lawyer?  Tammy says she realizes she needs to be more vocal with her opinions and stop taking the roll of little sister.  Brad and Victoria finally finish the Vampire Remains.  They are the last team to arrive and are eliminated.

Victor and Tammy are going to have to shape up if they want to stay in the game.  All the other teams seem to be working well together.  Surprising as usually at least the couples are fighting like cats and dogs by this point.

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