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50 books and my challenge statuses!

March 6th, 2009 by Debbie's World of Books

Woo hoo!  I finished my 50th book so far this year.  My aim was to read 100 books by the end of the year so it looks like that should not be a problem.

Here is where I’m at with the challenges I’m participating in:

1st in Series: 10 of 12 books

2nds Challenge: 4 of 12 books

Chick Lit Challenge: 5 of 10 books

2009 Young Adults Challenge: Complete!

Decades ’09 Challenge: 0 of 10 books (uh oh!)

Support Your Library Challenge: 20 of 50 books

Romance Reading Challenge: complete!

Serial Readers Challenge: 3 of 4 books (waiting for the fourth coming out in August)

Vampire Challenge: complete!

Young Readers Challenge: 3 of 12 books

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  1. Meg89 @ Literary Menagerie

    I feel so unaccomplished…

    But yeah for you! :)

  2. dsuzuki

    LOL. The only reason I was able to finish so many was because I am on a YA book reading kick.

  3. Katie

    wow, 50 books already! That’s awesome!!

  4. Elizabeth

    I’m impressed! I’ll try to take it as inspiration.

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