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Amazing Race March 11

March 8th, 2009 by Debbie's World of Books

Mel and Mike are the first to leave at 10:49pm.  Fly to Siberia and travel by taxi to the Soviety hydrodam pictured on the back of a ruble.  So far all the teams seem pretty close in departure.  Christie and Jodi are going to an internet cafe.  There was a bigger gap before Jaime and Cara take off.  LOL.  Mark and Mike ask to borrow their cab drivers phone and the driver calls the driver of Jaime and Cara.  He puts them on the line and the girls pretend to be Lufthansa airline.  Tammy and Victor are way behind as they leave at 1:30am.    Christie and Jodi book a flight at the internet cafe.  Mel and Mike, Amanda and Kris and the rest of the teams go to the airport to try and get their tickets.  There are a ton of different connections to Moscow but there is only one flight to Siberia so they figure everyone will end up together again.

Mark and Michael are off first in Siberia.  Christie and Jodi and Kisha and Jen also get in but the rest of the teams miss the connection.  Mark and Michael get to the dam and find out it doesn’t open until 8:30am.  Now they have to race to a church to get their next clue.

Detour: teams have to choose between 2 things the locals use to protect themselves from the winter.

Stack: teams go to the riverbank and stack a traditional pile of firewood.

Construct: teams go to a workshop to build a set of shutters, take it to a house and properly install them.

Mark and Michael, Christie and Jodi and Kisha and Jen all choose stack.  Mark and Michael have problems finding the river bank though so Christie and Jodi and Kisha and Jen get there first.  Man that’s a tall pile of wood.  I don’t see how Mark and Mike will finish.  The stack is way over the top of their heads.

The rest of the teams finally arrive in Siberia and are on their way to the dam.

Uh oh…Mark and Michael’s pile tips over and knocks down the sample pile too.  So now they have to stack their own pile and the sample pile.  They give up and decide to go to the workshop task instead.  They get their materials and decide to go look for the house that needs repair before putting the shutters together.  Kisha and Jen finish their wood pile first and make their way to the museum.  There is one of 2 U-Turns there.  This means the u-turned team will have to go back and do the other detour task.  There is a twist this season where you don’t have to post your picture if you u-turn someone.    Kisha and Jen choose not to U-turn anyone.  Next they have to go to an amusement park for their next clue.  Christie and Jodi also choose not to u-turn anyone.

Amanda and Kris, Mel and Mike, Tammy and Victor, Margie and Luke and the last team all choose to pile the wood.

Roadblock: one team member has to complete a bobsled course under 4 minutes and also spot a bunch of letters to come up with a name of a famous Russian playwright, Chechov, to get their next clue.  Kisha finishes but she only saw 6 of the 7 needed letters so she needs to go again.  Jaime and Cara are talking smack that of course Kris is stacking while Amanda is just directing.  Mark and Michael are still looking for the house they are supposed to repair.  Christie is on the bobsled course and makes it exactly in 4 minutes.    Mel and Mike’s  and Jaime and Cara’s piles tip over.  And there goes Amanda and Kris’s pile.   Mel and Mike decide to go to the other task.  Mark and Michael still can’t find the house so they decide to go put the shutters together first.   Kisha finishes her second bobsled run gets the letters.  Margie and Luke finish their wood pile.  I bet they u-turn Tammy and Victor.  Amanda and Kris switch tasks.  Tammy and Victor finish their word pile.  Huh, Margie and Luke u-turn Amanda and Kris.  They say they wanted to give Jaime and Cara time to finish their wood pile.

Kisha solves the letter scramble.  They have to find the theater of musical comedy, the next pit stop.  Jodi and Christie get it as well.  Mark and Michael have their shutters put together but still can’t find their house.  Mel and Mike show up.  At the bobsled Victor and Luke both do the run.   Kisha and Jen get to the theater but the clue says they have to enter through the main entrance and Kisha and Jen have a hard time finding it.   So Christie and Jodi are team number 1.  They each win a motorcycle.  Kisha and Jen are team 2.

Victor cracks me up.  He’s like once I saw the letters I immediately thought Chechov because “who doesn’t know Chechov?”.  Coming from the mouth of a lawyer of course.  Luke finishes next but has no clue about any Russian names.

Mark and Michael are going out to look for the house again while the others are working on the shutters.    Luke is still stuck and practically in tears.  Jaime and Cara finally finish their wood pile.  Michael and Mark, Mel and Mike and Amanda and Kris are all wandering together carrying their shutters, looking for the house to repair.    OMG.  They are all standing around trying to figure out why they can’t find the house and it’s practically right behind them.  Mel and Mike finally find it.  They are all kicking themselves for passing it.  Luke finally gets the word scramble.    They direct Jaime and Cara to the bobsled as they leave and the girls arrive.  Mel and Mike finish the shutters first.   Then Mark and Michael finish.  Amanda and Kris finally finish and then are pissed when they see they are u-turned.

Tammy and Victor are team 3.  Jaime finishes the bobsled barely in 4 minutes and totally guesses the name and literally falls over in shock that she got it on her first try.    Margie and Luke are team 4.  Jaime and Cara are team 5.   Michael misses one letter on the bobsled and has to go again.    Amanda and Kris finish the wood pile and are speculating who u-turned them.  They think it’s either Kisha and Jen or Christie and Jodi.  Mel and Mike finish the bobsled challenge.    Mark and Michael are now done with the bobsled challenge.  Kris does the bobsled challenge.  Mel and Mike are team 6.  Mark and Michael get to the theater but don’t have enough money to pay the cab driver.  They offer to give the driver their watch but the driver already has a Rolex.  The driver finally agrees to take what they have left.  Mark and Michael are team 7.   Amanda and Kris are the last team to arrive and are eliminated.

I am actually surprised by how well they got along on the race.  After the first episode I thought they would implode but they actually seemed to work very well together.  OMG.  Cannot miss next week.  Looks like there is some challenge where they are having to run in bathing suits in the snow.  I would be like just eliminate me now.  1. I can’t run.  2. There is now way I’d be doing it in a two piece bathing suit.

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  1. drey

    I am so hooked on this show now, just started last season. & it’s been around for HOW LONG?!?! Boy, am I slow or what? =P

    & next week, I think they have to run in their underwear!

  2. dsuzuki

    OMG. I love this show! I’ve been watching it since season 1. I’m glad you got hooked :)

  3. Amber

    Hubby and I knew Tammy and Victor would have no problem with the puzzle.

    The challenges this season have been good ones. I liked the Segway obstacle last episode (I think that’s when it aired).

  4. dsuzuki

    The Segway obstacle was great! I would have so loved to do that although the last time I tried the Segway I ran into a cubicle wall :)

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