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Trying Out Twitter

March 9th, 2009 by Debbie's World of Books

I’ve heard so much about Twitter I decided to try it out.  We will see how it goes.  For the most part I will post when I have new reviews or contests up on my blog.  If you want to check my Twitter out click here.

ETA: I haven’t played with it much but is it just me or can you not find people by interests or anything?  Seems like you have to have the email address of people you want to follow or find them if they are followers by other people you know.  Would be nice to find other book bloggers.

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  1. drey

    I’m giving it a shot, too. Not sure if it’ll work out, but what the hey… I’m dreys_tweets

  2. dsuzuki

    Cool! I just “followed” you :)

  3. Wrighty

    I’ve been thinking about it too but just can’t do it yet. I already spend enough time online. I’m curious to see how you both like it.

  4. Lis

    whoa niiiice! I also got exactly four books today what a coinkidink :D

    You won something super sweet:

  5. Meg89 @ Literary Menagerie

    I’ve been trying out Twitter too, after a journalism conference I went to basically said, if you didn’t have twitter, you wouldn’t be able to do your job. Well, so far I haven’t gotten much out of it, but I haven’t given up. Since I’m currently hunting for an internship, I searched “press” and added everyone who looked reputable. I’ve also got some news feeds, which get me info faster than e-mail if I have it up.

    If you are going to use twitter, I’d suggest getting TweetDeck or some other similar program. It lets you feed all the tweets into a window, even sort them by groups or filter them to find what you’re looking for (I filter out the @ sign when I’m trying to quick scan what I’ve missed, so I don’t have to read everyone’s replies)

    I tweet a bit, mostly blog posts or retweets of interesting things I’ve received, but if you’d like to follow me, I’m “MargaretHooper” creative I know, but I’d enjoy the company. :)

  6. dsuzuki

    Thanks Lis!

    Margaret-thanks for the tips! I’ll check out tweetdeck

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