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Amazing Race March 15

March 15th, 2009 by Debbie's World of Books

The flight attendents leave first at 12:34 PM.  Ride the Trans-Siberian railroad almost 400 miles to Novosibirsk to their next clue.  Kisha and Jen leave next at 12:36PM.    The two teams band together to look for the train station.  The train leaves at 10:26pm so it looks like everyone will get on the same train.    Dang, it looks freezing cold.  Not that I ever wanted to go to Siberia but after seeing this it just confirms I never want to go there.  LOL.  Kisha and Jen are laughing because their feet hang off the bed in the sleeper cars.

Mike? (the son of the Mel and Mike team)  is joking how Luke is going ot create a whole new archetype of the evil, deaf guy.  Kisha and Jen are first off the train but they go in the opposite direction from everyone else.  So Jaime and Cara end up getting the first taxi.  They have their taxi stop to let Margie and Luke follow them.  I love how Jaime and Cara are complaining that their cab driver has time to smoke a cigarette while they are in the middle of a race.  Like the driver cares?

Detour: Russian Bride or Russian snow plow.  Russian bride they have to choose a Russian 4 speed car, find a bride and then find their way to the church where their grooms are waiting to get their next clue.  Russian snow plow they have to go to a stadium and operate a snow plow through a training course to get their next clue.  Jaime and Cara and Margie and Luke choose the snow plow.  Victor and Tammy ask them what they are doing and decide to go with them to the snow plow.  Mel and Mike choose the brides.

OMG, Victor is a crazy driver. LOL.   They all pull over at a gas station to ask for directions.  Cara and Jaime get directions from a lady at the window, Victor and Tammy ask someone else and they take off.  Jaime and Cara are irritated that Victor and Tammy just took off without them.  Margie and Luke manage to follow Victor and Tammy.  They pull over again for directions and Victor sees Margie and Luke getting directions and then takes off without them.  So now Margie and Luke are also irritated with them too.

Mark and Michael choose snow plow.  I’m not sure what Jodi and Christie chose.  Kisha and Jen choose the Russian brides but are having trouble driving.    Mel and Mike find the buildings they have to find their brides in.  Seems like they find their bride pretty quickly.    Tammy and Victor, Jaime and Cara and Margie and Luke all end up back together in traffic.    They get to the snow plows but can’t figure out which are the snow plows.  Tammy and Victor find their plow first.  Jaime and Cara are getting pissed that no one speaks English.  Hello!  You are in Russia not America.

Jodi and Christie are trying to get directions but they end up picking some guys totally drunk on Vodka.

Victor finishes the snow plow without a problem.   Margie finishes and either Jaime or Cara finishes (I still can’t tell whose who).  Jodi and Christie find their bride.  Tammy finishes the snow plow.  Now they have to drive to the largest library in Siberia.  Jaime and Cara finish 2nd and then Margie and Luke.    I love it.  Jaime or Cara said they can’t work the wind shield wiper so the other one says to drive with her head out the window then.  Mel and Mike find the groom and get their clue.   Jodi and Christie find a guy who will go with them to find the church and groom.  Mark and Michael finish the snow plows and are in 5th.   Kisha and Jen are still having driving problems.  Turns out Jodi and Christie go to the wrong church.  They get directions from someone in the wrong church.  That poor bride is freezing her tushy off.

I swear Victor is going to kill someone with his driving.  Road block: one person has to participate in a winter marathon.  THey have to partner with two local runners, warm up for 10 minutes and run 1.4 miles to the ballet and opera theater in their underwear.  The theater is the pit stop for this leg of the race.  Tammy, Luke and not sure which girl does it.  Ugh, Luke in underwear.  Not bad but not pretty either.    Oh, it’s Cara who does it for her team.  She starts to walk but Tammy said it was too cold to stop.  Cara is saying it was kind of depressing at first because most people were laughing and she wanted some hooting and hollering to get motivated.  Finally someone does and she gets motivated.  Mike does the run for his team.

Kisha and Jen get their bride to the church.  Jodi and Christie finally get their bride to the church.  They are currently in last place.  Dang, I think that sign said it’s 25 degrees and running in your underwear.  Margie and Luke are team number 1.  They win a trip for two to St. Lucia and a cruise from there.  This team is definitely doing much better than I expected.  Tammy comes in next so Victor and Tammy are team number 2.  At least Tammy had cute underwear on.  Cara not so cute.  Jaime and Cara are team 3.

Ugh.  Mike in underwear definitely not pretty and poor guy is in these huge boots running.  Kish and Jen are running into big time trouble driving.  Michael comes in next.  I feel bad for the blisters he must have.  Man after that run they have to go up a bunch of stairs.  Mel and Mike are team 4.  Mark and Michael are team 5.  LOL.  I think it’s Jen who said she doesn’t wear underwear so she had to change into underwear.   Christie is doing it for her team.  Haha…she’s wearing a thong and totally getting honked at.  People are whistling at Jen and she said she loved it.  She thinks she looks hot in her underwear.  Ouch, Jodi’s finger got slammed in a door and she said it’s so cold she doesn’t really feel it but looks painful.

Kisha and Jen are team 6.  Haha..Christie has something wrapped around her bottom.  Guess she didn’t want to meet Phil in her thong.  :)  They are last but this is a non-elimination round.  So next round they will encounter a speed bump, an extra task that other teams won’t have to do.

Hmmm…so I think Margie and Luke will continue to do well.  I still don’t really have a favorite yet though.

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  1. B

    Margie and Luke are ok. I kind of like Victor and Tammy. Mike and Mel are my favorite though! It’s Mike White, and I love him :D

  2. dsuzuki

    Yeah, I like Tammy and Victor too but I’m not all gung ho about them.

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