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Check out the cover to Blood Promise by Richelle Mead!

March 19th, 2009 by Debbie's World of Books

I saw this on Shelf Awareness and on Mead’s blog.


I cannot wait until August!  If there was ever a book I wanted to get my hands on the ARC this would be it.

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21 Responses

  1. Katie

    I’m so excited!!

  2. Casey

    I’m in lurv. Cannot wait!

  3. Amanda

    I AM ADDICTED…. i can not wait! my 21st birthday is in august and blood promise comes out in august, this is just going to be one awesome august :)

  4. Sarah

    I wish it would come out sooner. I wanna know what happens!!!

  5. Ashley

    I can’t wait for this book! My best friend introduced me to the series and i never putit down!

  6. Katie

    I recently started and finished the Vampire Academy series. It took me all of a few days to read all 3 novels. It is the best writing, plot, and group of characters that I have come across in some time. I am like the rest of you guys…can’t wait to find out what happens. I hope this isn’t the end. I will be devastated.

    Hathaway & Belikov remind me of Nikita and Michael from the La Femme Nikita TV show. The free spirit tamed by the wise mentor; together fighting evil – that never gets old!

    Waiting on pins and needles,


    Wichita, KS

    PS – I usually can foresee how a book will play out…I have been wrong 3 times! Mead does an AWESOME job with the subtle clues, and the cliffhangers…

  7. dsuzuki

    Katie-If I recall correctly there will be 7 books in the series so lots more to come!

  8. Nikkie

    omg i can not wait until blood promise comes out, i lve the books they rock!! :)

  9. Jazz

    OMG! I’M SO EXCITED!!! I CANNOT WAIT. I got this from a website. and i love it because Dimitri doesn’t die. I reckon Tasha should, though :)

    In blood promise, rose sets off to kill dimitri becuase he is now strigoi. But when she finds him, he is still dhampir and the blonde vampire who supposedly ‘bit’ him, was just using him to get to rose so he can get to lissa and kill the last dragomir. A lot of other stuff happens in between but that is the main story line.

  10. Jazz

    If there are so much books, of course Dimitri can’t die. I bet thell get married!

  11. dsuzuki

    I really hope that’s true and it doesn’t just drag out that Rose and Dmitri are chasing one another until she has to kill him or that she has to kill him. I know there is always Adrian, whom I really like, but she belongs with Dmitri!

  12. rosemarie

    but y did mason say tht dimitri is strigoi…tht makes no sense

  13. james

    Well lets think about this for a moment shall we ? The dude in the church, says that ghosts come back for revenge right?Well maybe mason did come back for .Revenge. Maybe he LIED to rose.Because he was jealous that rose payed SOOOO much more attention to dimitri?maybe “Jazz” is right maybe the damn blonde vampire didnt turn dimitri,and is just using him to get to rose,and ultimately.Lissa.Do we all remeber that list scratched into the wall in the caves in spokane?Do we have an Isaiha (or however you spell that A-holes name) follower ? Making sure to eliminate the royal moroi familys?Are we done thinking?Oh one more thing,Do u think that Richelle could wright Blood Promise AND two more books after that without Dimitri in them?I think not.

  14. james

    God i wrote a lot o.o

  15. dsuzuki

    I highly doubt Mead would end the Dmitri/Rose storyline in the next book. I think it’s going to spread across several books. On one hand it would be great Mason was lying obviously because I was Dmitri back with Rose. On the other hand Mason was such a good guy that I would hate to think his last action on Earth was to lie to Rose.

  16. Karen

    i agree he was a good guy but maybe it is possible that he did…but i dont know . August is WAYYYYY to far away

  17. Karen

    wow same deal—–>

  18. dsuzuki

    I know. August is too far away and then we have to wait again for the next one!

  19. Karen

    i usually read them in one day and then re-read them in a longer span of time although thats usually only three days to begin with( im doing that with the frst one).

  20. Dominique

    I’m FREAKING OUT! I want to know what happens! And I’m with Karen on reading them in one day! When there is author who can write like Richelle Mead, you have no choice but to freak out. I used to HATE books, now I love only one series: Vampire Academy! Big thanks to Richelle Mead and all her other fans!

  21. dsuzuki

    I’m glad you found a series you like to read. This series is so great!

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