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Amazing Race March 22

March 22nd, 2009 by Debbie's World of Books

Margie and Luke depart first around 12:30am.  They have to fly to Jaipur, India and have to find a sacred tree in Dhula Village.  Tammy & Victor leave second.   Christie and Jodi are last at 3:09am.  All teams are flying to Moscow on the same flight and then to Jaipur, India.

Tammy and Victor get into their taxi first.  Mel and Mike’s taxi doesn’t know where the village is but he won’t let them get their stuff out of his trunk.  So they are stuck while all the other teams are gone.  Finally he gets directions and they leave.  Mel says the race is enough to make them dehumanize someone by yelling at them and he’s sure he will feel bad about it later.  Christie and Jodi’s cab needs to get gas.  Man, these people are crazy drivers.  I thought San Franciscan drivers were bad.  I would close my eyes and hope I get to my location alive.  Like in past seasons all the teams are hit hard by the poverty and slums they are seeing on the drive.  Several of them start crying.

Tammy and Victor get to Dhula and the Sacred Tree first.  There is a phone that says to dial a number for the next clue.  They have their taxi driver listen to the clue because they can’t understand the clue.   Travel to Amber Fort, Gaura Parvati Parking (sp?).  The rest of the teams are all pulling in one after another as Tammy and Victor are driving out.  The other teams are all wandering around the tree searching for the clue and totally miss the phone.  Christie and Jodi are finally on their way to the tree.  Kisha and Jen finally notice the phone.  Mark and Mike are having trouble understanding the clue.  Margie and Luke get tired of waiting and decide just ot follow the other teams.    Christie and Jodi finally pull in at the tree and find the phone pretty fast.

Victor and Tammy get to the road block.  One person has to care for a camel.  To use a set of traditional tools they have to get enough food and water to care for their camels.  Victor does it.   LOL.  Victor is talking to his camels and telling them food is coming.  The other teams arrive but it looks like they get off at the wrong spot.  They finally find the clue box.  Mel, Margie, I think Mark, Kisha and Jaime do it.   Haha…Mel is carrying some water and there is this Indian kid telling him to go faster.  I’d tell him to be quiet.

Victor finishes first.  Oops.  Tammy wipes out as she makes her way to Victor.  Now they have to go to a puppet store to find their next clue.  Some poor guy in the background totally gets kicked hard by a camel.  The blondies finally arrive.  Poor Mel.  I’m afraid he might have a heart attack.  The blondies might catch up to at least Mel and Mike.  Hmmm…the other teams are not using the baskets to carry the feed so I wonder if they will have to start all over.  Mel seems to be the only one who uses the basket.  He might just pull ahead of the other teams here.

Victor and Tammy get to the detour.  Movers or shakers.  Movers-teams travel to another location and choose a bike to carry barrels 1 1/2 miles to another location and then search through the containers for a small elephant.  Shakers-have to go to another location, dress up in a costume and makeup, go out on the streets and dance for rupees.  Once they get a certain amount they will get their next clue.  Tammy and Victor choose shakers.  Haha…can you imagine what their fellow lawyers will think of them after this?

Kisha finally notices that Mel is using a basket and then Luke tells Margie and Jaime notices.  You know for the shakers detour if you are a woman I think you have an advantage.  Mel finishes the camel task second!     Jaime and Cara are third.  Margie and Luke fourth, Kisha and Jen fifth.  Mark and Michael are finished 6th.  Huh, clue says caution speed bump ahead.  I don’t recall the other teams reading that out.  Oh, I guess since it’s only for Christie and Jodi the other teams don’t care.

Tammy and Victor finish and now have to go by taxi to Jaigarh Fort, the pit stop for this leg of the race.  Mel and Mike do the shakers since Mike didn’t want Mel to have to do any more lifting.  Mark and Michael get to the clue third and choose the movers.  Jaime and Cara, Margie and Luke and Kisha and Jen choose shakers.  Luke can’t hear the music so he was just trying to follow people.  He tried to stay in the background and let his mom get the money.    I can’t believe Mark and Michael chose movers.  Christie and Jodi get to their speed bump.  They have to go to a temple, perform an Indian tradition of decorating an elephant for a ceremony.

Tammy and Victor get to the pit stop and there is a guy playing whistles with his nose.  They are team number 1.  They each win an ocean kayak.  Mel and Mike finish shakers.  OMG, Margie has lipstick all over her teeth.  She looks hilarious.   Jaime and Cara finish 3rd but can’t find their taxi.  Oh, that poor elephant Christie and Jodi are working on.  His paint is so messed up.  Margie and Luke finish 4th.  Jaime and Cara still can’t find their cab and he finally shows up and they are berating him.  Man, where are Kisha and Jen going?  Seems like the rest of the teams stayed pretty much in one spot but Kisha and Jen seem to be going all over.  Kisha and Jen finish just as Christie and Jodi arrive.  Mark and Michael are still unloading barrels and searching for their elephant.

Mel and Mike are team number 2.  They are amazing!  I can’t get over Mel doing so well especially in such a physical leg of the race.  Christie and Jodi finish shakers. Mark and Michael finally find their elephant.  I think they will be last but we will see.  Kisha and Jen are team 3.  Margie and Luke team 4.  Jaime and Cara team 5.  Hmmm…Mark and Michael are team 6.  Christie and Jodi were right behind them.  They made up a lot of time but they are still eliminated from the race.

Okay, I still kind of like Victor and Tammy even after Victor leaving behind the other teams last week.  I think they have a good chance as long as they keep their heads and read their clues carefully.  I like Mel and Mike and it’s just a matter I think if Mel can keep up the good work on the physical tasks.    I think Jaime and Cara or Mark and Michael might be next to go.

Wow, on next week it looks like Margie passes out!

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