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Musing Monday March 23

March 22nd, 2009 by Debbie's World of Books

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How many bookstores do you frequent? Do you have a favourite? If so, which one and what makes it so?

I always feel bad for the independent book stores when I say I buy most of my books from Borders, followed by Half Priced Books or Amazon.  What can I say but money is tight and I love the discounts you can get and they almost always have the books I am looking for.  Although in my defense other than one other used book store I do not know of any independent book stores in my area.

For the most part the workers at Borders are pretty nice and helpful although I really haven’t gotten to know any of the workers like I did at the Waldenbooks store I used to frequent every week back in Hawaii (I was so sad when it closed).  That is one thing I miss from going to a smaller bookstore.  No one really knows me and can help make recommendations of new authors or books.

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  1. Beth F

    Nothing beats a good indie bookstore for the type of service you miss. The bigger chains just seem cold to me.

  2. caite

    I agree, I would feel bad for the indie stores if I passed them by and went to a Big Chain. But since I don’t have any indies nearby, and I don’t really like the Big Chains, I do tend to favor Amazon or Amazon Marketplace.

  3. lilly

    I’m going for the used bookstores. I prefer them to the chain stores for many reasons, not only financial ones. I think I like the atmosphere the most.

  4. Nise'

    That is what I love about our iindie bookstore, even though I don’t buy often from them, they know me when I do.

  5. Lenore

    I do buy from the indie store here in Frankfurt when I can. But I can’t help loving Amazon for the massive selection and delivery straight to my door.

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