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Amazing Race March 29

March 29th, 2009 by Debbie's World of Books

Tammy and Victor departs first at 10:21 am.  They have to fly to Phuket, Thailand.  Using just a picture as reference they need to find a giant gorilla at the Phuket Zoo.  They get their tickets at a travel agency.  Mel and Mike are second about half an hour behind them and end up at the same agency.  Jen and Kisha decide to go to a travel agency before going to the airport because it’s closer.   Kisha starts handing out money to kids from their cab and now they are getting mobbed.  Looks like everyone is going to the same travel agency except Jaime and Cara.  They go directly to the airport.  Looks like everyone ends up on the same flight.

They are all looking for the gorilla now.  Mel and Mike are last to get a taxi.  Cara(I think)is so getting on my nerve.  She is so rude to their cab drivers.  Uh oh.  Looks like Mike and Mel’s driver is taking them to the wrong location.  Everyone else is going to the zoo.  Jaime and Cara get to the gorilla first.

Teams have to have their pictures taken with a tiger, then lie on the ground while elephants perform over them.  Mark and Michael are in second.    Kisha and Jen are in third.  Not sure where the other teams are.  Mark and Michael actually end up finding the tiger first.  LOL. I wonder if the producers have a good sense of humor because the tiger handler was missing an arm.  Ah, there is Tammy and Victor and Margie and Luke.  Mel and Mike are still lost.  Wow, it looks like the elephants are massaging the guys and then it looks like they are going to poop on them as the elephant crouches over them.

Now teams have to go to an olde herb shop in Phuket.  They have to ask the shop owner to open one of 99 drawers to find their next clue.  They have to keep trying until they find the correct drawer.  Mel and Mike are still lost.  They finally find someone who knows the statue is at the zoo.

Jaime and Cara get to the herb shop first.  Then Mark and Michael are taking turns calling out drawers.  Man, Cara is really ticking me off.  She is getting frustrated with the store owner and saying she doesn’t think he speaks a lick of English.  Well, hello!  You are in Thailand.  Now she is telling the guy to move faster.  Mark and Michael find a clue first.

Detour-100 barrels: teams have to go to a harbor and work to fix a fishing ship and doing something with 100 barrels.  Or 2 miles-they have to choose a rickshaw and one team member will have to pull the other 2 miles to the end of the detour.

Mark and Michael go with 2 miles.  I really hope Jaime and Cara finish the drawers last.  Jen and Kisha get a clue next.  They go with the 100 barrels.  Margie and Luke get a clue and goes with 100 barrels.  Tammy and Victor are next and go with 2 miles.  Oh, my bad.  I think it’s Jaime that is the b*tch.    I can’t tell them apart.  Mark and Michael get to the rickshaws and decide to hide all the tools and pumps in a box hoping to confuse other teams and then end up hiring a taxi driver to show them the way to the end of the detour.   Jen and Kisha, Margie and Luke and Jaime and Cara are all lost looking for the fish boats.  Margie and Luke and Jaime and Cara decide to go do the other detour since Jaime and Cara’s cab driver knows where that is.  Uh oh, Tammy and Victor take off in the rickshaw without filling up their tires with air.  Guess Mark and Michael’s plan worked.    Oh man, and Victor is running in sandles.  That has got to suck.   LOL.  Victor is so funny.  He is like “I don’t like saying this but my sister is a little heavy.”  Typical Jaime, they get to the rickshaw and are berating people to show them where the end of the detour is.

Mark and Michael are done and have to go to Wat Thep Nimit Temple, the pit stop for this leg of the race.  Kish and Jen finally find the fishing boat.  Mark and Michael are the first team to arrive at the pit stop BUT they incur two 30 minute penalties.  1. For hiding the pumps and 2. for hiring a taxi to show them the way to the end of the detour.   Poor Victor.  He looks exhausted.  Mel and Mike end up at the fishing boat detour as well.    Huh, Tammy and Victor leave their rickshaw behind and run up the marked path where as Jaime and Cara take their rickshaw up the path.  I wonder if it matters?  I hope Tammy and Victor don’t get a penalty as well.    I think they needed to take the rickshaw with them.  Yup, there is the sign.  Jaime and Cara bypass them as Tammy and Victor go back for the rickshaw.   12 minutes left in Mark and Michael’s penalty.  Wow, didn’t realize how far behind the other teams were.  Man, Margie is kicking ass running with that rickshaw but she is saying she is starting to get the chills.  I think this is where she is going to pass out.

Oohhh…Tammy and Victor are the second team to arrive but are checked in as the first team.  They win a trip for two to Oahu.  Jaime and Cara are team number 2.    Talk about karma coming back to bite Mark and Michael in the butt.  They are checked in as team number 3.  Margie and Luke are team 4 and Margie is not looking good.  She says her fingers feel frozen.  She’s asking for water and then appears to pass out.  They take her off and pour water over her and call an ambulance but she insists she is fine.   Jen and Kisha finally finish the fishing boat task.  Aww…Mel and Mike look like they are going to be eliminated.  I hope this is a non-elimination round if they are last.    Jen and Kisha get lost looking for the pit stop.   Mel and Mike finish the fishing task.  So who will make it to the pit stop first?

Kish and Jen are team number 5.  Mel and Mike are the last team to arrive.  Awww…and they are eliminated from the race.  I was starting to like them.  Too bad.  Oh well.  I think I’m fine with any of the other teams winning excpet Jaime and Cara.

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