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Three new chapters in Wide Awake!

April 2nd, 2009 by Debbie's World of Books

For all the Wide Awake fans, angstgoddess just posted 3 new chapters!  I’m heading over to read them now.

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  1. Shira Glucksman

    Hi! I am interested in reading fan fiction, including Wide Awake. Since I am a computer virgin, and am just learning about this stuff,please give me some sites to explore to read this fiction. I am writing some fan fiction as well, and want to see how mine measures up. I am also in serious need of some Twilight/ Rob Pattinson fans to communicate with! I am already on Facebook and have tried to get into Rob’s Finely Aged Fans, but for some reason I can’t.(My computer is old and clunky.)Help!

  2. dsuzuki

    Shira-sorry, this is the only fan fiction I’ve ever read and I only found it through the Twilight fan club I belong to on my mother’s board. If you check out goodreads or shelfari I believe both of them have Twilight groups.

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