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Amazing Race April 12

April 12th, 2009 by Debbie's World of Books

Tammy and Victor leave first at 9:27 PM and need to fly to Bangkok, Thailand and go to a boat yard.  Jaime and Cara leave next and can’t figure out which car is a real taxi.  Tammy and Victor get to the airport and they call to find out when the next flight is out to Bangkok.  Turns out they can’t book the flight until the office opens at 6am.  So looks like everyone will catch up and be on the same flight.  They all leave at 7:25am.

Jen and Kisha’s taxi driver doesn’t know where he is going and has to stop for directions.  Margie and Luke’s cab driver also has to stop for directions.  The two drivers end up going in different directions.  Looks like Jen and Kisha’ s cab goes in the wrong direction.  Margie and Luke get to the boat yard first.

Road Block-who is ready to propel their team forward.  One member has to attach a propeller to a rod and when it works properly they will get their next clue.  Margie does the task.  Jaime and Cara get their next.  Jaime does it for their team.  Margie gets hers done pretty quickly.  Teams now have to navigate their boat using a map and their clue through a maze of canals to find their next clue.  Tammy and Victor arrive next.  LOL.  Let’s see how mechanically inclined lawyers are.   Victor is doing the task for their team.   Jaime finishes up.  They left their bags so they have their driver stop so they can get them.   Jen and Kisha finally get there.    Mark is doing it for their team.  Kisha is doing it for their team.  Mark finishes up while Victor is still struggling.  Mark and Mike end up leaving their bags with their cab driver.  Kisha finishes up.  Why does it not surprise me the lawyers can’t get it done?  Jen and Kisha also leave their bags behind.  Victor finishes but their boat won’t move so he has to try again.  They finally get it working.  They have their boat driver wait while they get their stuff.  So they are now in last place.

Jen and Kisha are riding along and Jen says they have to go back since they don’t have the fanny pack with their passports.  Kisha says they should get the clue first.  Margie and Luke get to the clue first.

Detour: Broken Teeth or Broken Record.

Broken Teeth-have to make their way to road of happy smiles and find matching teeth for five customers.

Broken Record-teams have to make their way to a parking lot and take a taxi with onboard karaoke machine.  They ride with other passengers and have to sing the whole way to their destination.  It’s easy but they are dependent on the Bangkok traffic.  Margie and Luke do the teeth, Jaime and Cara do the singing, Mark and Mike get to the clue but need to go back and get their bags.  Jen and Kisha get to the clue and Kisha is still bare foot going to Chinatown.  Tammy and Victor choose to do the karaoke.  Wow, the streets are totally flooded.  Mark and Mike can’t figure out how to get back to their bags and are arguing over what to do.  Jen is pissed that their passports are sitting in a cab somewhere.

Margie and Luke get to the dentist and are having a hard time finding the right teeth.  Jaime and Cara’s cab driver are lost.  Mike and Mark ask another cab driver to call their old driver to come bring their packs.  Jen and Kisha get to the karaoke task and so do Jaime and Cara.  LOL. They look like they are having a good time.  LOL.  Tammy and Victor get to the cabs and Tammy is like “It’s Mai Tai Trannies!”.   Uck, Margie and Luke are still working on the teeth and it looks disgusting.   Mark and Michael end up hiring a cab to take them back to their old cab to get their bags.  One of them wants to keep going but the other one insists they get their bags because there is stuff in there he doesn’t want to risk losing.  So they are in total disagreement.  I think this means big trouble for them.  I don’t get why if he thinks some of his stuff is not replaceable why did he bring it on this race?

Margie and Luke finish and need to make their way to the next pit stop at some palace.    OMG.  If I were the cab drivers for the karaoke cabs it would drive me crazy.  Tammy and Victor are totally getting into it.  Margie and Luke are team number 1.  They win a trip for two to the Intercontinental spa in Puerto Rico.  Wow, their trip sounds so cool!    Jen and Kisha finish the karaoke and can’t find their cab after getting their clue so don’t have to pay them.  But now they can’t find a cab that will take them to the palace without money.   Jaime and Cara can’t find a cab driver that knows where the palace is so they have their driver follow Tammy and Victor.  Jen and Kisha are begging someone to take them to the palace and finally find someone willing to take them for free.  Mark and Mike are still heading back for their bags.  Then they head back to the detour.   Tammy and Victor’s cab driver has to stop and ask for directions.  Jaime and Cara tell their cab driver not to tell Tammy and Victor’s cab driver where to go.  Jen and Kisha end up right behind Tammy and Victor.

Jaime and Cara are team #2.  Damn them.  I really don’t like them.  Tammy and Victor and Jen and Kisha are in a foot race and Jen and Kisha beat them to the mat.    Kisha and Jen are team 3 but since they don’t have their travel documents Phil can’t check them in.  They need to go get them first.  So Tammy and Victor are team #3.  Mark and Mike get the karaoke and are short on cab money so they offer the driver some of their stuff in payment.  Jen and Kisha finally get back to their cab driver with their stuff.  Luckily their fanny pack is still there.  Now they are heading back to the pit stop.   Mark and Mike finish the karaoke.  They don’t have enough money for the cab but they again offer some of their stuff to pay for the ride.  So now it’s a race to see who makes it to the palace first.

Mark and Mike are the fourth team to arrive but they broke a race rule of using their personal belongings to pay their bills so they incur a 2 hour penalty each time they did it which means a 4 hour penalty.  Jen and Kisha show up and are team #4.  I wonder when they made the rule about not bartering stuff to pay for things.  I swear teams in the past have done that.  I wonder if it’s because the teams ended up taking advantage of people with the bartering?  Turns out this is a non-elimination leg.  The remainder of their 4 hour penalty will be added to the time they can depart and they will also have to do a speed bump on the next leg.

I think Mark and Mike will be out the next leg unless someone else messes up.  Margie and Luke seem like they are doing well.  Jaime and Cara and Tammy and Victor do well physically but both make mistakes when they are in a rush so we will have to see if they can be careful enough in the coming legs.

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