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Amazing Race April 19

April 20th, 2009 by Debbie's World of Books

Sorry no blow by blow recap of last night’s episode.  I wasn’t feeling well so I just zoned out and watched it.  The quick recap is Mark and Mike were eliminated and Kisha and Jen came in first.  The big drama was an argument between Margie and Luke and Kisha and Jen.  When they were both running to a clue box Luke got there first and either Kisha or Jen (can’t recall whom) tried to reach over him and he ended up elbowing her out of the way.  So she called him a bitch.  Then at the next clue box Kisha and Jen deliberately elbowed Luke out of the way.  Then at the pit stop when Luke was signing how upset he was Kisha and Jen started snickering which pissed Margie off.

So my take on the drama.  I don’t think Luke intentionally meant to elbow anyone. I think it was a natural reaction to the adrenaline and having someone crowd you.  So I think Kisha and Jen overreacted but again that could have been the adrenaline.  I don’t think their calling him a bitch had anything to do with him being deaf.  I think they would have called anyone a bitch in that situation.  At the next clue box I thought it was uncalled for them to push Luke though.  They said he did it first like that justifies doing it back?  I guess I just don’t understand people who justify a negative action saying someone else did it first.  At the pit stop I did think Jen and Kisha were snickering at Luke when he was signing even though they said they laugh in tense situations but again I think the whole race environment was augmenting everyone’s reactions.  At least I hope Kisha and Jen are not the type to make fun of people with any sort of disability and that Margie and Luke are not the type to think Luke is always being treated negatively just because of his disability.

Jaime and Cara as usual got on my nerves screeching if anyone spoke English and getting frustrated.  I swear if I were there I would say why yes I do but hello, you are in China.  They strike me as the type that if there were in the US and someone came up yelling at them in another language they would get upset and say something like “this is America, speak English”.

I think right now I’m rooting for Tammy and Victor to win.  They cracked me up on this leg of the race and seem to be working better together.

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