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Amazing Race May 3

May 3rd, 2009 by Debbie's World of Books

I can’t wait to see how this leg ends.  As long as Tammy and Victor are in the final 3 I’ll be happy.  I’ll be even happier if it’s Kisha and Jen or Jaime and Cara that are eliminated.  Tammy and Victor so lucked out on the detour since they can speak Chinese and could do the option to give a restaraunt order in Chinese to the cooks.  Everyone else would have to do the make up.  I would totally have to do the make up since I’m horrible with languages especially ones that have these slight nuances.  I be really amazed if Kisha and Jen are able to finish the Chinese order task.

Ugh.  That road block would kill me.  I am willing to try anything once but having to finish all of that starfish, scorpion and grasshoppers is so gross.  Eww…are those beetles?  I can feel my stomach turning already.

Oh yes, the typical Jaime and Cara comment that has to come every leg.  “I’m sure they must know taxi and they are just playing dumb”.  Duh, I’m sure if you said it in Chinese they would know the word.

Yay!  Tammy and Victor finish first!  OMG, I am rolling over laughing at poor Kisha and Jen.  That would so be me trying to take those orders.

Wow, I am amazed Jaime and Cara made it.  It totally sucks for Kisha and Jen to lose because they had to stop for a potty break.

I am glad that it looks like in the final episode someone finally tells Jaime and Cara off about their rudeness.  :)

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