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Musing Monday May 3

May 3rd, 2009 by Debbie's World of Books


This week’s Musing Monday question…How many books (roughly) are in your tbr pile? Is this in increasing number or does it stay stable? Do you ever experience tbr anxiety in the face of this pile? (question courtesy of Wendy)

Hmmm…this is a tough question to answer especially since I don’t have one TBR pile.  I have maybe 4 or 5 TBR piles all over the house since I don’t have one spot that has enough room for all my books.  Just to be clear I’m only estimating books I own waiting to be read and not books that I also want to read but don’t own.  So I guess maybe about 50 books?

For the most part the number stays pretty steady unless the library has a Friends of the Library book sale.  Then in those cases my pile pretty much grows by at least a dozen and once I picked up about 36 books.  Other than that I am trying not to buy new books unless Borders gives a really good coupon.  So the only other new books I get are from the library so the due date forces me to read them right away and then books I get for review in which case they are higher up on my list to read.

I guess I don’t really feel anxiety about the piles probably since it’s not one big leaning tower of pisa.  The only time I feel anxiety is when someone comes to visit and I have to clear the shelves in the guest room of my books.  Then I freak out trying to figure out where to put them.

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  1. jo

    Mine is in different places too. It makes it seem less scary!

  2. Mae

    Why do you have to clear the shelves when guests come to stay? You should just leave the books in there for the guests to read! :-) Book sales always throws me off but they’re such good prices, it’s a crime not to buy those poor books.

  3. caite

    I can’t go the library anymore because of those carts of books for sale, very cheap, at the door. I had not even gone into the library yet, and already I had a pile in hand…

  4. dsuzuki

    Mae-I clear them off because they are on the night stands so there would be no room for their stuff :)

    Used book sales are really dangerous and yes those on-going book sales at the front of the library do get me a lot. LOL.

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