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May 7th, 2009 by Debbie's World of Books

My dad showed me this comic the other day in the newspaper and it cracked me up.


It’s funny to me because I got sucked into blogging late last year and am totally hooked.  Then although I heard about Twitter a long time ago I just got on the Twitter wagon not long ago. It seems like lately I’m hearing about it on the radio every day and seeing an article in the newspaper about Twitter every week.   Not sure why it’s getting so much press lately.  And yes of course I am a Googler.  How did we survive before Google?  If my grandparents were still around I wonder if they would say the same thing as the comic?,

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  1. Yvette Kelly

    I also starting blogging late last year and am hooked.Google I love.And Twitter I started this year but I think I am missing the point of that one.I just don’t get it.Are you enjoying it and if you do get it please let me know what I am supposed to do with it.

  2. dsuzuki

    For the most part Twitter just seems like the what are you doing thing from Facebook. What I do like is that I’m following a couple authors on Twitter and see some interesting stuff. That was how I found out Richelle Mead was in town for a book signing. I’m not seeing why Twitter is such a craze though.

  3. Alaine

    It’s funny because it’s true! Can’t wait to read your Royal Blood review, I ordered that one on Monday last week and am waiting for it. Some of the reviews I’ve seen are great.

  4. dsuzuki

    So far Royal Blood is pretty good. I’ve been having to work extra hours so it’s seriously cutting into my reading time. sigh.

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