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Favorite Book Highlight: The Three Minute Universe: Star Trek by Barbara Paul

May 8th, 2009 by Debbie's World of Books


With all the great books I’ve had to read I haven’t had much time to re-read a lot of my favorite books so I haven’t blogged about them.  But there are definitely some that deserve a highlight.  In honor of the new Star Trek movie I will be highlighting some of my favorite Star Trek books.  Today’s highlight is: The Three Minute Universe by Barbara Paul.


Description: The Sackers. In all Captain James T. Kirk’s travels, he has never found a race more universally shunned and abhorred. Their mere appearance causes most Federation members to become violently ill. Now the Sackers have performed a deed whose brutality matches their horrifying exterior. They have stolen a revolutionary new scientific device — murdering an entire race in the process — and used it to create a rip in the fabric of space, a hole through which another universe is rapidly leaking. Unless Captain Kirk and the crew of the Enterprise can find a way to stop the new universe’s expansion, it will consume — and utterly destroy — our own.

For the tv series The Next Generation and Voyager were my favorites but I loved this book even though it was part of the original Star Trek series.  The story shows just what a group of “people”?/beings? can be driven to when they face constant and extreme discrimination.  The Sackers turned out to be a really interesting group of individuals and there is a slight twist to their race that you find out at the end that is hilarious.  I couldn’t help laughing at the way Kirk portrays Sulu as this fearsome person and then the Sackers reactions when they are faced with Sulu in person.  Even if you aren’t a huge fan of the Classic series you should still read this one.  It is definitely a 5 star book.

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