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Book Favorites Highlight: Intellivore: Star Trek TNG

May 16th, 2009 by Debbie's World of Books


With all the great books I’ve had to read I haven’t had much time to re-read a lot of my favorite books so I haven’t blogged about them.  But there are definitely some that deserve a highlight.  In honor of the new Star Trek movie I will be highlighting some of my favorite Star Trek books.  Today’s highlight is: Intellivore by Diane Duane.

Description: The Great Rift lies between the Sagitarius and Orion arms of the galaxy. Stars are scarce there, beyond the authority of the Federation, and legends abound of lost civilizations and of ancient monsters that prey on those who dare to venture into the vast darkness between the stars.

When several ships and colonies mysteriously disappear into the Rift, the U.S.S. Enterprise leads an expedition to investigate various disturbing reports. Accompanied by two other Federation starships, Picard and his fellow captains discover a bizarre menace of unimaginable power. And the only way to trap this destructive entity is to use the Enterprise as bait.

This book is great as it takes the idea of lost civilizations or monsters that steal people’s souls and puts it in space.  As the Enterprise is investigating the disappearances of ships and civilizations along with two other sister ships they face what may be one of the oldest enemies they have encountered so far.  They have to find out if this really is a monster that feeds on people’s minds or souls and how can they stop it from wiping out the entire Federation?  As to be expected Data plays a key role since technically he is not alive and theoretically cannot be attacked by the life form.  To find out whether or not that is true you have to read the book.

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