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Musing Mondays May 31

May 31st, 2009 by Debbie's World of Books


Today’s MUSING MONDAYS post is about sticking with it…

How much time (or how many pages) do you give a book that you aren’t really enjoying before you’ll set it aside? If you’re reading it for a book group discussion, or for review, will you give it more of a chance then, say, a book you’re reading for your own interest? Why, or why not? (courtesy of MizB)

I rarely ever not finish reading a book once I start.  I think the three books I did give up on were The Time Traveler’s Wife, Age of Orphans and a Robert Jordan book.  I think I gave them about 50 pages or so before stopping.  Other than that no matter how painful I’ve usually made it through the end of the book.  I will admit a few of the ones I did read through to the end were for review and that was the only reason I did not put those down.  Sometimes I debate whether or not I should push on reading something since there are so many books out there that I have on my TBR list.  But then I think about the ones that got really good about halfway in and I would have missed out on those if I gave up in the first few chapters.

What about you?

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  1. BooksPlease

    I’m much the same as you and thank goodness there is someone else in the world who didn’t like The Time Traveler’s Wife. I did finish that one and it didn’t get any better than the beginning!

  2. Ladybug

    I’ve decided that there are too many great books out there waiting for me to read them to waste my time on books I don’t like.

    Here my Monday post

  3. dsuzuki

    Everyone raves about Time Traveler’s Wife that I’ve tried 2 or 3 times to read it and still can’t get into it.

  4. thebluestockingguide

    I usually finish, especially if it is an ARC. Here is Musing.

    I also wanted to invite you to join Cafe Blue which is the new book discussion forum I started on my blog.

  5. uncertainprinciples

    Life’s too short – if the book isn’t engaging in the first 75-200 pages (depending on the size of the book), it’s pretty much shelved by me. I haven’t read any of the books you’ve mentioned. By the look of it, lucky me! :)

  6. Robin of My Two Blessings

    I don’t have any set rule, but if I’m really having a hard time with it, will quit before page 100. My post is up now here

  7. Nise'

    There have been few books that I did not eventually finish.

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