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What's Your Favorite Way of Connecting With Fellow Book Bloggers?

June 2nd, 2009 by Debbie's World of Books

Since I started book blogging and blog hopping I noticed the book blogging community seems to be a pretty close bunch. This became even more evident as I was following tweets during BEA. I think it’s great that things like blogs, Twitter, Facebook, etc. have been able to bring together people across the country and world who have a common interest. Starting my book blog has been one of the best things I’ve done as I’ve come across a ton of fellow book lovers and now never lack for a new book to read. In fact, my list of books to read appears to be never ending. It’s also nice just having an outlet to discuss books as most of my friends around here are not big readers and give those polite smiles and nods as I rave about the latest book I’m reading.

I think so far Twitter has been a great new way of keeping in touch with fellow bloggers. Not only do I find out the types of books a person likes but also a few personal tidbits that make me feel like I’ve gotten to know more about them. I am also hoping to attend the book festival in Washington D.C. in September and the book expo in San Jose later in the year and maybe link up with fellow bloggers. I haven’t had as much luck using Facebook to connect with fellow book lovers but I haven’t really explored it all that much so maybe I’m just missing out.

On the downside while Google Reader has made it A LOT easier to keep on top of all the blogs I follow, I found that since I read most posts in the reader and only go to the actual blogs when I want to comment I lose track of what I read where. I guess I’m a visual person and I remember blogs based on their templates, pictures, etc and you lose a lot of that using a reader. I am also less likely to go back to posts I commented on to see if anyone replied to me since the posts I read disappear from my reader and I forget which blog I left a comment on. So that is a trade off.

I am a little curious how some of the book bloggers who seem to know each other well developed those relations? Is it just from months/years of blogging and commenting? Is it from things like Twitter, Facebook, etc? Have you met in person? What is your favorite method of developing relationships and friendships among your fellow book lovers?

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  1. Nymeth

    I think it’s mostly a matter of time. It’s only natural to get blogs that are new to you mixed up, but as you interact with people via comments, twitter, etc, those relationships develop naturally.

  2. dsuzuki

    I agree. One thing I found helpful is when people’s Twitter, Amazon, GoodReads, etc user names are the same or similar to their blog names. It helps me put it all together.

  3. Mary

    I agree with you about google reader. I use it because it’s a great digest. That’s one of the reasons I participate in weekly memes like Mailbox Monday, What are you reading on Mondays, Waiting On Wednesday, etc – I get to read all the posts on actual blogs. Also, I’ve made friends on some yahoo chat rooms (for different authors, etc). There are so many ways to connect. One other way is through Goodreads (to name on of the book sites). I received a friend request today on that site from a blogger I follow. Just through that request I found out she lives about an hour away from me. How cool is that?!!

    Now, a question I have is about twitter (which I did for a few weeks). Do most people participate on computer or with smart phones?

  4. drey

    Ahhhhh… Great question. I’m not even sure how to answer… I wish I had more time to actually put into my blogging relationships, but alas! =( I have been bad at my weekly memes, failing at my monthly ones, and trying to keep my head above water on twitter. *sigh*

    I do remember bloggers better if they have the same name everywhere, like mawbooks. Now, I think her name is Natasha, but I could be wrong. That’s where my attention to detail oftentimes fail me…

    & I need a google-reader-speed-through-reading-service, lol! Sometimes I start at the top & work my way down. Other times I start at the bottom & work my way up. But I’m still 1000+ posts behind! Yikes! There’s just too many of y’all out there! =D

  5. Belle

    What a great post. I started getting to know other book bloggers mainly through commenting on other blogs. I use Google Reader, too, but I almost always end up clicking on the link and landing on the blog because I love commenting! I also have a “daily reads” folder in my Google Reader which contain the book bloggers I’ve been getting to know and want to get to often, and that’s been really helpful.

    Twitter has been great. This is my second go-around with Twitter. I was totally overwhelmed the first time around, back in October/November when book bloggers first started using Twitter. I tried it for about a week but just couldn’t keep up. This time around, I’m doing things a bit differently and now it’s as much a “thing that I do” as checking email. Twitter has also resulted in me adding more feeds to my “daily reads”.

    You’re in my daily reads folder, by the way!

    I find it hard to keep track of comments I’ve made, too. Since I have that problem, I figure other people might too, so usually when someone asks a question in the comments, I’ll post my reply but I’ll also email them back a reply, too. I’ve developed new relationships as a result, and that’s been nice.

  6. dsuzuki

    Mary-that’s cool the blogger you follow lives so close! I noticed one of the Twitter people I follow is from about 45 minutes away from where I live. I don’t know about other people but I’m cheap and don’t have internet on my phone so I participate on the computer. It’s not bad during the week since I work in software so I’m on the computer all day. During the weekends I totally fall behind on Twitter.

    Drey-I know what you mean about barely keeping on top of things. The more blogs I find and the more people I follow on Twitter the farther I fall behind and work is starting to get pretty busy which cuts back on my play time. Oh and I am pretty sure mawbooks is Natasha :) So far the one that stands out the most for me is Belle (MsBookish). I think just cause I like the name Belle it stuck in my head. LOL.

  7. dsuzuki

    LOL. Belle we must have been typing at the same time! I need to find a better system with Twitter. Sounds like a lot of people use apps like Tweetdeck or something. I don’t know of a good way to keep on top of the twibes I join and following the topics like #BEA09, etc. In fact, I’m still trying to get clear on all the Twitter conventions!

    Thanks for adding me to your daily reads folder! I should do that. I’ve been trying to get through everything in my Google Reader but now it’s getting a bit hard to keep up. You are so good that you email people back with your replies!

  8. Michelle

    Twitter is a fabulous way to connect with new people of like interests. In fact it’s how I met you! LOL I’ve not even tried to use Facebook as a way to connect at this point. I imagine that I would be inclined to FB friend someone who I met through Twitter or a blog but doubt I would start there with a search of any kind. It just doesn’t seem to be that kind of application for me.

    As for feed readers I’m using NewsGator ( and find that it works better organizationally for me than GR. When I want to comment to a post I actually have to go to the blog anyway so the template recognition issue is a non-issue. They also have a downloadable client that I’ve got installed on my computer so I don’t have to use the web-interface at home. They sync all nice an pretty-like!

  9. dsuzuki

    LOL. Michelle, you are right. Twitter has been a great way for me to meet new people with similar interests and has also lead to a huge jump in the number of blogs I follow. I have problems with FB since I don’t get on there as often and every time I do something seems to have changed and I have to figure things out again. I’ll have to check newsgator out. Thanks for mentioning it!

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