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Book Blogger's Discovery June 5

June 5th, 2009 by Debbie's World of Books


J.Kaye Book Blog started this and I thought it was a great idea as I’m always looking for new blogs.  From her posting:

“Highlighting new book blogs has always been important to me. It’s the reason I pass along blog awards to new bloggers or at the very least, new to me book blogs. Without an audience, especially at the beginning, the life of a blogger can be sort of dreary. It feels good when another book blogger promotes your blog. Besides, I like blabbing about other book blogs. If you’d like to join in, please feel free. This event will take place every Friday and I’ll be listing the new book blogs or websites I’ve discovered during the week. Some might even be a rediscovery.What new blogs have you discovered this week?”

Here are the new blogs I’ve come across this week:

Past finds:

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11 Responses

  1. Kaila (RagDollVampGirl)

    Wow!! Thanks For Posting About My Blog!! Although It’s YA Book Releases… LOL!! It’s Ok.. I’m Sorry About The Comments!! I Just Can’t Figure Out Why It’s Doing That!!

  2. dsuzuki

    Oops, it’s corrected now :) Glad to mention it. It looks like a great blog.

  3. Kaila (RagDollVampGirl)

    Thanks!! I Think I Fixed My Comments!! YAY!! I Hope!!



  4. dsuzuki

    Yay! I was able to leave a comment :)

  5. kay

    Yay, new blogs to visit!

    That “Book bloggers discovery” is an excellent idea! Thanks for sharing the link with us, I’m always happy to discover new spots to hang at! :)

  6. dsuzuki

    Me too. I’m so glad J. Kaye started this!

  7. Belle

    Thank you! And this is such a lovely feature, too. I owe finding you to Twitter, I think, and I’m so very very glad.

  8. dsuzuki

    NP. Twitter is also great for finding new people to follow :)

  9. ShootingStarsMag

    This is such a fun idea. I just found Ms.Bookish as well. She has a lovely blog. :)


  10. J. Kaye

    Sorry for taking so long in getting here. :) Awesome blogs!

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