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In My Mailbox June 20

June 20th, 2009 by Debbie's World of Books

As always, In My Mailbox is brought to you by the Story Siren.

From Phenix & Phenix Literary Publicists:


Description: For sixty years, the National Laboratory in Los Alamos, New Mexico, has been investigating the powerful technologies of a damaged alien ship, an effort dubbed the ‘Rho Project.’ Now, the American government is ready to share the Rho Project discoveries with the world. But as the world scrambles to adopt the alien technologies, three high schoolers make another shocking discovery: hidden inside a cave in the New Mexico wilderness lies another alien ship. As the friends explore the second ship, they begin to unravel a decades-long secret involving an extraterrestrial war, government cover-ups, and secret experimentation using alien technology on humans. A battle has begun, and the secrets of the second ship may be the key to humanity’s last chance for survival.


Description: Father Daniel journeys deep into the harsh forest, with romantic notions of converting the fierce Oquanato cannibals to Christianity, but his heroic sense of mission clashes with the farcical antics of sophisticated savages, whose beliefs originate from a peculiar source – a source that rattles Daniel into an introspective, yet dubios narrative.

From Paul Steven Stone


Description:  With interest in his one-year-old novel Or So It Seems still on the rise, Paul Steven Stone recently introduced his newest book, How To Train A Rock, a collection of ‘short insights and fiction flights’ culled from over 20 years of Stone’s irreverent and quirky newspaper column, “A Stone’s Throw“.

According to Stone, each of the fifty pieces in the book is a well-crafted, highly polished gem. From hilarious mock ads for ‘The Law Offices Of Paul Steven Stone” to laugh-out-loud takes on Boston sports fans, automated answering systems and the over-exposed public lives of ladies named Paris and Britney, Stone’s commentaries are often funny, occasionally profound and always creative.

From Sharon Wallace


Description:  “A House Full Of Whispers” is a true story about a young girl who grew up in a house ruled by abuse, her struggle to survive and the consequences of asking for help. I started my life like any other child inquisitive, eager to help the adults within my life, and longed for a daddy to treat me as his princess. Age four…. I was excited about my first day at school and skipped and danced in front of the mirror, by black shinny shoes clip clopped on the stone floor. Age six…. I was old enough to join the brownies and gained many points towards my badges, I longed for my own Mummy and Daddy to sit with the others parents and be proud of my achievements. Age eight…. I was able to count money and my spellings easier and more quickly to attain, I was more aware of my surroundings. Deciding to work harder and pray faster so the good lord would make me prettier, may-be then some one would love me.Age nine… All my birthday and Christmas wishes were granted, my biological mother and her partner came and took me from the orphanage, I was going to be some ones little princess.Age ten… The night devil stole my dreams taking the child god created, and in her place stood another who was moulded to be what he desired. Age sixteen…. I fought for my freedom and dignity nearly costing me my life, I ran from my past into an ebony night and my fight for survival had only just begunAge forty-nine…. I wrote my story and self published to let the world know what happened to me in my house of whispers.

From Pocket Books:

Drawing in the Dust



Brilliant archaeologist Page Brookstone is convinced bones speak, yet none of the ancient remnants she has unearthed during her twelve years of toiling at Israel’s storied battlegrounds of Megiddo has delivered the life-altering message she so craves. Which is why the story of Ibrahim and Aisha Barakat, a young Arab couple who implore Page to excavate the grounds beneath their house in Anatot, instantly intrigues her.

The Barakats claim the ghosts of two lovers haunt their home, overwhelming everyone who enters with love and desire. Ignoring the scorn of her peers, Page investigates the site, where she is seduced by an undeniable force. Once Ibrahim presents Page with hard evidence of a cistern beneath his living room, she has no choice but to uncover the secret of the spirits.

It is not long before Page makes miraculous discoveries — the bones of the deeply troubled prophet Jeremiah locked in an eternal embrace with a mysterious woman named Anatiya. Buried with the entwined skeletons is a collection of Anatiya’s scrolls, whose mystical words challenge centuries-old interpretations of the prophet’s story and create a worldwide fervor that threatens to silence the truth about the lovers forever.

Caught in a forbidden romance of her own, and under constant siege from religious zealots and ruthless critics, Page risks her life and professional reputation to deliver Anatiya’s passionate message to the world. In doing so, she discovers that to preserve her future in the land of the living, she mustshake off the dust of the dead and let go of her own painful past. As poignant and thought-provoking as the beloved bestsellers The Red Tent and People of the Book, Zoë Klein’s historically rich debut novel is a lyrical and unexpected journey that will stay with readers forever.

Thanks to Books and Needlepoint I won:

Bound to Please

bound to please

Description: Ruby Scott is a beautiful, quiet event planner who leads an oh-so-respectable life. Yet the things that go on in her secret fantasies are anything but. She has every intention of keeping her hidden desires under wraps-until she meets a gorgeous, hard-muscled man ten years her junior. Mark St. Crow is a gifted, up-and-coming musician who collects erotic art and loves to “play” women as much as his piano. After one night of uninhibited passion, Ruby realizes there’s no turning back. But as she surrenders to her deepest needs and lets Mark control every forbidden thrill, her passion for him builds. Can the wild, intoxicating nights they share lead to a love that will last forever?

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  1. Rebecca

    Great books you got this week, they all look really interesting. Enjoy reading them all.

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    Thanks Rebecca!

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    I’ve never heard of those books but they look interesting.

    Happy Reading!


  4. Callie (Handle Like Hendrix)

    Congrats on winning and happy reading!

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    House Full Of Whispers sounds really interesting!

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