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Musing Mondays June 22

June 21st, 2009 by Debbie's World of Books


Today’s MUSING MONDAYS post is about library borrowing…

Do you restrict yourself on how many books you take out from the library at a time? Do you borrow books if you already have some out? Do you always reborrow books you don’t get to?

What a coincidence this being the question after I’ve been posting about my library addiction.  I’ve been restricting myself on which books I can request from the library because I just have too many books to read in my house.  But that does not really seem to be helping.   So that means I sometimes have like 15 library books out in addition to the 100+ books I have at home to read.

I can’t bring myself to restrict how many books I take out at a time because what if a book I found interesting is not there the next time I go?  Then I may forget about it and tragedy I may miss out on a great book.  And yes, I do check out more books even though I have some already out.  Unfortunately that leads to having to schedule which books I read first since they will be due first.  Sometimes that is hard if I pick up a really, really interesting sounding book while I have other books that are due back sooner.

As for reborrowing books that depends.  Sometimes I’ll check out books that I just can’t get to and they tend to fall to the bottom of the pile.  For those I will usually return them because there are just too many good books out there.

What about you?

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8 Responses

  1. gautami tripathy

    Libraries ought not limit on borrowing!

    Mondays: Musings/Mailbox/whereabouts

  2. The Social Frog

    When I used to borrow from the library a long time ago, they only allowed like 3-4 books out at a time.

  3. Yvonne

    I tend to buy books more than take them from the library. I get my DVDs and audio books from the library, but that’s about it. It’s the whole deadline thing for me. I’m a slow reader :)

  4. Nise'

    We sound a lot alike!

  5. Vasilly

    This post sounds like my life! I love my library.

  6. Lisa

    I usually don’t check out more than 3 or 4 at a time. I have a list I keep online on the library’s website so I can remember what books I want to read. It is very helpful! Needless to say, that list is sooooooo long!!

  7. dsuzuki

    Lisa-that is cool your library lets you keep a list.
    Social Frog-I can’t believe your library restricted the number of books or at least to that few!

    I love the library! Especially now that money is so tight.

  8. caite

    I will return to the library as soon as I finish reading all the unread books in my house.
    I figure about 2015…lol

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