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The Promise of Lumby by Gail Fraser

July 15th, 2009 by Debbie's World of Books


I give this book a 4 out of 5 stars.

Description: At Montis Inn, the success of Pam Walker’s on-location restaurant is leaving her overworked and frazzled. Meanwhile, Lumby’s only veterinarian, Dr. Ellen Campbell, has decided to sell her business, and the townsfolk are in full panic mode. Who could possibly replace her?

When animal doctor Tom Candor arrives in Lumby, he seems to be the answer to everyone’s prayers. But some residents are not so trusting of the shy, pensive vet, especially newspaper owner Dennis Beezer, who is determined to expose Tom’s hidden secrets. The repercussions lead to an unpredictable, over-the-top adventure, and a lesson the people of Lumby won’t soon forget…

When I first received this book I was not too excited and thought the title was kind of strange (not having read any other Lumby books) but I am so glad I received this now!  Otherwise I would have missed out on a wonderful book filled with a quirky town full of people you will come to love.  I love how Hank, the town’s flamingo mascot, ends up every where and is attributed all of these great actions.  The antics of the towns people will put a smile on your face even as you are shaking your head.  I will admit that the one character I had a hard time with was Pam Walker’s husband.  I know he was supposed to come off as so clueless that he loveable but I just found him irritating and thought love must be blind in order for Pam to stay with him.  Other than that this was a great book that I highly recommend you pick up if you need a laugh and are willing to suspend reality and enter the entertaining world of Lumby.

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  1. Elizabeth Neasli

    I was hoping to find a review of this one – thanks so much!

  2. Angie

    That book sounds good. I’m going to add it to my to-read list. Thanks for the review.

  3. dsuzuki

    No problem. Glad to help. It was a silly book but it made me smile :)

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