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Surviving a House Full of Whispers by Sharon Wallace

July 17th, 2009 by Debbie's World of Books


Description:  “A House Full Of Whispers” is a true story about a young girl who grew up in a house ruled by abuse, her struggle to survive and the consequences of asking for help. I started my life like any other child inquisitive, eager to help the adults within my life, and longed for a daddy to treat me as his princess. Age four…. I was excited about my first day at school and skipped and danced in front of the mirror, by black shinny shoes clip clopped on the stone floor. Age six…. I was old enough to join the brownies and gained many points towards my badges, I longed for my own Mummy and Daddy to sit with the others parents and be proud of my achievements. Age eight…. I was able to count money and my spellings easier and more quickly to attain, I was more aware of my surroundings. Deciding to work harder and pray faster so the good lord would make me prettier, may-be then some one would love me.Age nine… All my birthday and Christmas wishes were granted, my biological mother and her partner came and took me from the orphanage, I was going to be some ones little princess.Age ten… The night devil stole my dreams taking the child god created, and in her place stood another who was moulded to be what he desired. Age sixteen…. I fought for my freedom and dignity nearly costing me my life, I ran from my past into an ebony night and my fight for survival had only just begunAge forty-nine…. I wrote my story and self published to let the world know what happened to me in my house of whispers.

Talk about an intense read.  When I first started the book it was hard to feel sorry or empathize with Wallace’s story as she comes across as belligerent, violent and disrespectful.  Slowly you begin to see the depth of the abuse she has suffered and the travails she has gone through in life that helped shape who she was.  It’s amazing the strength she was able to pull from within herself and from her husband to rise above the abuse and raise a loving family.

This book reminds me why I don’t like reading memoirs.  Sometimes they are too depressing and I also feel bad judging the people included in the memoirs.

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