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Defending College Heights by Stuart Nachbar

July 29th, 2009 by Debbie's World of Books


Thanks to Paula at Author Marketing Experts for the chance to review this book!

Description: U.S Army captain and recruiting commander Kevin Callahan is stabbed to death. His body is found in a guardhouse at Hudson Technical University, a small private engineering school located in College Heights, a decayed community in New York’s Hudson River Valley. A message left on Callahan’s t-shirt reads, “No more lies.” The news media and pro-military and anti-war activists believe the murder was committed in opposition to unethical army recruiting.

Angered by the biased media coverage and bothered by the army’s deference to the civilian investigators in the Orange County sheriff’s office, Callahan’s uncle, Philadelphia area urban planner Jack Donnelly, wants to conduct his own investigation. He is not afraid to step on toes in College Heights, a community where town-gown relations have reached their worst.

Fearing Donnelly’s investigation will further embarrass the university but desperately needing his help to save her school, Hudson Tech president Martina Tiernan asks him to become special assistant for campus planning. While Jack believes that Tiernan is trying to buy his silence, he reluctantly comes aboard. He learns that the murder is the lynchpin to a larger scheme that could close Hudson Tech’s doors for good.

I am having a hard time deciding if I really liked this book or not.  The story was interesting and I did not put together all the pieces until the end which is always nice.  It’s sometimes a little disappointing if you have the entire mystery solved before the characters in the book do.  What makes me really hesitate to say I liked this book is I really did not like Jack, the main character.  I thought he was rude, hot tempered and a little insensitive.  During some parts his behavior was acceptable and believable in a grieving uncle but others just turned me off.  It was just little things like when he first goes to visit his nephews place after his murder and thinks to himself that he has to remember to come pick up his nephews Jeep because it would make a good replacement for his own car.  I’m mean really is that the first thing that comes to your mind?  I also did not care for the way he always seemed to be yelling at his sister about her other son.  Yes, his other son was a jerk and was taking advantage of his mom but was yelling at her the only way Jack could communicate with her?

Despite Jack’s character the story was pretty quick moving and an interesting read.

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