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Musing Mondays August 3

August 2nd, 2009 by Debbie's World of Books


Today’s MUSING MONDAYS post is a library habits meme…

This week we have a library meme courtesy of MizB:

Library Habits meme:
1) If you don’t frequent your local library, why not?

I’m a huge library fan
2) If you do visit the library, how often do you go?

For the most part I go once a week.
3) Do you have a favorite section that you always head to first, or do you just randomly peruse the shelves?

My normal route is head straight for the New Books shelves and browse there.  Then I head over to the New Books Teen Shelves and then finally if I have time just browse the teen shelves.
4) How many books are you allowed to check out at one time? Do you take advantage of this?

I have no clue what the limit is.  I’ve had about 15-20 out at once without a problem so it’s more than that.  What gets me more often is that they limit you to only 10 requests at a time.  There are way more than 10 books I want to request and it kind of sucks when you are 150 on the list of requests so that one request holds up a spot forever.
5) How long are you allowed to have the books checked out?

3 weeks
6) How many times are you allowed to renew your check-outs, if at all?

Not sure but will probably be finding out soon.  I’ve renewed a couple of my books twice now.  My old library limited you to 3 renewals so we’ll see if this library is the same.
7) What do you love best about your particular library?

My library is pretty small and old so the best thing is that it is a part of a pretty large county library system.
8) What is one thing you wish your library did differently?

I wish they got more of the new teen books in sooner.  I think it’s the larger libraries in the county system that get them first.
9) Do you request your books via an online catalogue, or through the librarian at your branch?

Not exactly sure what you mean by online catalogue.  I request books from libraries within my county and they also have a LINK+ program that lets you request books from outside our library system.  The only bummer about LINK+ is you can only request a book if it’s currently checked in.  So if it’s checked out you constantly have to login to see if it’s been returned and no one else has checked it out.  So of course for the new, popular titles it’s almost impossible to get them.
10) Have you ever chosen a book on impulse (from the online catalogue OR the shelves) and had it turn out to be totally amazing? If so, what book was it, and why did you love it?

Totally.  I can’t think of specifics right now other than Angels on Sunset Boulevard by Melissa de la Cruz.  I just picked it up from the teen shelves and loved it!  Now I’m anxiously awaiting the sequel to come out.

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5 Responses

  1. Susan B. Evans

    I am a big fan of library too! Here’s a link to my answers.

  2. kaye

    some of my favorite books I’ve picked up out of the children’s or Young Adult Section. my musings

  3. caite

    I am all about the online catalog, because when I rarely use the library, I am always looking for a specific book, not just looking around. that way I can request it from another branch or get on the waiting list or whatever I need to do…

  4. Nise'

    Going to add Angels on Sunset Boulevard to my TBR list! Love YA books.

  5. dsuzuki

    Nise-hope you enjoy it!

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