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Killer Bunny Hill by Denise Robbins

August 6th, 2009 by Debbie's World of Books


Thanks Denise for the chance to review this book!

Description: A killer is on her bunny trail. Shot while snowboarding, Samantha Spenser lands on a stranger’s doorstep without her memory, but with a shooter on her tail. Even after the stranger saves her from the gunman and offers her refuge, Sam begins to fear for her life when Max, holding a gun to her head, demands to know the location of his abducted brother. Is the man with the whiskey-colored eyes her savior who will protect her or the shooter who wants her dead? If Samantha trusts the sexy man to unravel the mystery of her amnesia, will he discover she is an innocent bystander or a deceitful criminal?

The last thing he wants or needs is the complication of a gorgeous snow bunny half dead from bullet wounds on his doorstep. Frustrated by the lack of clues and even more discouraged by the lack of help from his agency and his brother’s, special agent Maximilian Stone sets out in search for his kidnapped brother. First, he must solve the mystery of Samantha, the intriguing woman sleeping in his bed. Is there a connection between Snow Bunny and his missing FBI brother? Or was she brought in by a darker enemy to destroy Max before he can find them?

I have to admit I did not enjoy this book as much as It Happens in Threes. You do see brief reappearances of Ruby and Jake in this book.  I will say I enjoyed the story and I liked Samantha since it is always nice to see a girl who can kick a little butt.  It was Max that was the big turn off.  I did not like him and the way he fell for Samantha so quickly seemed unbelievable.  I think it all started when he found Samantha on his door step bleeding and he seemed more concerned with kissing her and having her naked.  Now I know a lot of guys think like that when they see a good looking woman but you would think the blood would override that.    Despite that I still enjoyed the mystery AND at the end I found out that Jake’s story is coming up!  He was one of my favorite characters ever since he got his butt whipped by Ruby in It Happens in Threes.

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