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The Fun-Minute Manager by Bob Pike

August 6th, 2009 by Debbie's World of Books


Thanks to the author for sending this book.

Description: In The Fun-Minute Manager, an easy-to-read business fable, businessman Bob Workman discovers how fun can revolutionize a workplace. In today’s high-stress business environments, this book is a resource of practical ideas anyone can put to work tomorrow, just like Bob Workman did.

In his Foreword, Ken Blanchard, author of The One Minute Manager and The Secret: What Great Leaders Know and Do, said, “I have felt you should take what you do seriously, but yourself lightly.” Like Blanchard does in his books, the authors of The Fun-Minute Manager want to teach you simple truths that are easy to implement.

The concepts mentioned in this book are great and I notice our company implements a lot of the suggestions (in fact I wonder if they read this book).  I originally wanted to read this because within our team my former manager and I were talking about ways to make fun more work.  Unfortunately a lot of the ideas in this book didn’t work for our team as the areas of interest varied so widely and there are not that many of us.  Whenever we tried to do anything people preferred to just leave work early.  I think if your team or company is looking to start implementing a new program this is a great book to get some ideas from but it may only work in certain environments.

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2 Responses

  1. drey

    I have a friend whose job is to make the workday fun. She’ll go around and call a 5-minute “fun time” action to do with her entire team. Some days I envy her creativity, other days I’m not sure I want to go around cajoling people to have fun, ykwim? =)

  2. dsuzuki

    Totally know what you mean. It’s kind of tiring especially when only a few people want to participate.

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