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State of the books update

August 8th, 2009 by Debbie's World of Books

If any of you read my post, State of my TBR and what’s on my desk, you know it was a mess!  I spent most of the day organizing, got one new bookshelf!, and now all my books are off the floor.  So excited.  You can see some before pictures on my State of my TBR post.

New book shelf!

First off it was impossible to fit all my books into my current bookshelves so I finally gave in and got a cheap $20 book shelf from Target (I love Target!).  Check it out.


Right now it’s reserved for my YA books I’ve already read.  I left lots of room open because my TBR pile of YA books is pretty large.  See my YA TBR shelf:


My romance, paranormal, sci-fi/fantasy and chick lit TBR books:


and my historical fiction, non-fiction, thriller/suspense/mystery TBR books:


I also organized my book shelf of books I already read, loved and decided to keep:


I also sorted my books for review that were on my desk and they are much neater now.  I feel so productive today!

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11 Responses

  1. Miss Remmers

    That is an intense amount of books!

  2. Jessica Secret

    Wow, lots of books! I couldn’t even recognize most of them! That’s a 20 dollar bookshelf? Wow, I should check Target, we’ve got a bunch of books in stacks right now. :)

  3. BrookeReviews

    Yay for new shelves! I need one also, but am trying to buy all the same ones (from target) they are just $100 and I don’t have that at the moment. :( You’ve inspired me to get more organized though!

  4. dsuzuki

    I wish I could afford to get matching shelves. Most of our furniture is still a mish mash of Ikea furniture and my old college furniture-amazing the college furniture is still holding up 10 years later.

  5. Michelle

    I have a study room in my home there I have all my books. I always very organized but recently I got another storage organizer for mu books and I count them it was almost 800 so I give away like 20 to one of my best friend. I like the way you organize your titles I organized them by author.


  6. Book Chick City

    Lovely, lovely bookshelves and lots of books! I like the fact that you are organising by genre. I try and do that. I also like the idea of separating read and tbr books. I may have to sort that out today! You can view my shelves HERE :)

  7. Kayla

    Okay, now that I got that out of my system, your shelves look like my room! Well, my room before I got rid of like 300 books. Lol
    I kept a good 150, but they are all in boxes under my bed :D

  8. dsuzuki

    Michelle-800 books?! I wish we had enough space for 800 books.
    Book Chick City-I love your shelves. It’s funny our house is so tiny I was just telling my hubby yesterday I need shelves that go all around the walls instead of the crown molding he wants to install.
    Kayla- wow, you fit 150 books under your bed? I’m impressed.We store our winter blankets under the bed so no room for books.

  9. Yan

    Your YA shelf looks oddly familiar…oh yeah! it looks like mine xD LOL

  10. dsuzuki

    LOL. Great tastes look alike :)

  11. Michelle

    First of all, is it sad that I’m straining my eyes to see what books you have on your shelves in case I see one I might like?


    Anyway, I have to say I love my book case. It was probably the one of the best pieces of furniture I’ve ever bought. Of course I still have piles of books around, you know for “organizational” purposes, but it really is a great way to de-clutter when you can.

    These look awesome! Enjoy.

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