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Amanda Grange Interview

August 10th, 2009 by Debbie's World of Books


Welcome to Debbie’s World of Books and thank you for doing this interview.  I am holding a contest in which my readers are able to submit questions they would like to ask you so I’ve sprinkled a few of those in here. The response and excitement over Mr. Darcy, Vampyre was amazing and I personally really enjoyed reading it.

Q: I saw in the interview you did at For Romance Readers that Buffy the Vampire Slayer was one inspiration for writing this book.  If it were picked up as a movie would you want David Boreanaz (Angel) to play Mr. Darcy?  If not who would you cast?
A:  I’m really pleased you liked Mr Darcy, Vampyre! I loved writing it, as you could probably tell. As for casting it,  I certainly wouldn’t object to David Boreanaz J  but I think I would probably cast Richard Armitage, though. I think he’d be very good at conveying the subtle menace that underpins the book, as well as being excellent in the romantic and action scenes.

Q: Why choose Pride and Prejudice versus some other classic novel?
A:  Because I’m obsessed with Pride and Prejudice! I don’t really know why that is.  I love a lot of other classic novels but I never have any ideas for their characters, I’m content to leave them in the pages of the novels. Somehow, though, with Pride and Prejudice, I get all sorts of ideas for the characters and in the end I have to write them down.

Q: Do you have any plans you can share about any future projects with paranormal/classic crossovers?
A: I’m working on a prequel which tells Darcy’s life story as a vampyre from the time of his birth right through to the events of Mr Darcy, Vampyre. It fills in the back stories of a lot of the vampyres we meet in Mr Darcy, Vampyre and it delves into their relationships with Darcy, as well as revealing some of the things that weren’t revealed in Mr Darcy, Vampyre, such as, Who wrote the note? And of course it covers Darcy’s early relationship with Elizabeth.

Q: What do you think about the recent craze with vampires and zombies?  Especially books like Pride & Prejudice & Zombies or Twilight?
A:  Monster books never really go away and every now and again they surface in a different form.  Twilight has added new twists to the vampire myth just as Interview with a Vampire did before it. The really surprising thing is that so many of the recent books have emerged with a link to Jane Austen. I don’t think anyone could have foreseen that. She really is phenomenal, spreading into all aspects of our culture. Like zombies and vampyres, Jane Austen refuses to die!

Q: Your Jane Austen heroes diaries books look great. Do you have a particular favorite Austen hero?  Why?
A: I always used to like Darcy best, but when I was writing Captain Wentworth’s Diary I found myself thinking that Wentworth was even better. He can do everything. He’s fun to be around, he’s successful, he’s a good friend, he can captain a ship, and he’s passionately in love with Anne.  But as soon as I started thinking I liked Wentworth best, I felt a pull towards Darcy, and for all his faults I think he would have to be my favourite.

Q: Another reader asked “Hi Amanda! Awesome about your new book! I had the joy of reading a couple of yours and this is a new adventure for you! Was there research available from that time period on the idea of vampires? Anything you learned that really stood out to you and what?”
A: Hi! Because I was writing a literary vampyre, I based my idea of Regency vampyres on a fragment of a novel by Byron which was written in 1816, fourteen years after the imaginary setting for Mr Darcy, Vampyre.  I also based them on  a short story called The Vampyre by John Polidori, which was inspired by the Byron fragment, and was also written in 1816.  For anyone who hasn’t read them, they’re available to read online (they’re out of copyright), and google will easily find them.  I think the thing that really stood out for me wasn’t so much a piece of information or an idea, it was the atmosphere, and so I’ve tried to make Mr Darcy, Vampyre a very atmospheric novel.

Q: One of my readers has asked “I would like to ask what you draw your inspiration from? What do you do to help with writers block when those ideas just seem log jammed sometimes?”
A: I get my inspiration from all over the place, from beautiful places or unexpected events or books or films – everything I do and see is really inspiration. It all goes into my imagination where it whirls around like a mixed load of washing in a washing machine, and when it comes out it’s not the same as when it went in, just as a white T shirt can come out pink if it goes in with a red skirt.

As for writers’ block, that’s a difficult one to answer because sometimes one thing works and sometimes it’s another thing. I try not to leave the computer too soon because I hope that something will come to me, but if I’ve been sitting there for half an hour then I find it’s best to go and do something completely different. Going for a walk often helps, or just doing something ordinary like going to the shops.

Q: And a good get to know you personally question from a reader “If you were a country song – what song would you be?”
A:  I think I would have to be Rose Garden.  I really like that song and the lyrics are great.

Amanda, again thank you so much for joining us here and answering both my questions and my readers questions!  I loved reading your responses and am excited to hear that you are working on a prequel about Mr. Darcy’s vampire history!

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6 Responses

  1. Sarah Lim

    Great interview! I’m not familiar with her previous works, but I’m a big fan of the classical books and this new angle that she has given to Darcy is so intriging!
    And I like that her inspiration comes from all around her and not just one single thing.

  2. Amanda

    Hi Sarah,
    Glad you liked the interview, there were some great questions! And glad you think Darcy as a vampyre is intriguing, I loved writing about it.

  3. dsuzuki

    This was my first book from her but now I am interested in reading her diary of the heroes books.

  4. Caffey

    Hi Amanda!! I’ve enjoyed a couple of your books I’ve read so far and love reading paranormals so I’m looking forward to MR. DARCY, VAMPYRE. I don’t know either of those actors but I plan to look to them up! I’m bad at not watching movies or TV. I just got to re-read P&P for the first time again since HS in May. But too since that time, I read so much more in Regency romance so more familiar with the culture and vocubulary then. Too I got to read it this time for enjoyment more than having read it in a litature class this time. So it was beautiful to read again! This is way neat and so excited there will be more related to this one! I’ve never read Bryon before! I’ve heard his name used in historicals I read themselves but have never read anything of his. Again, great reading your interview!

  5. Amanda

    I keep trying to leave a reply to the comments but for some reason it won’t let me so I thought I’d leave a comment instead. Glad you liked the interview, Sarah, there were some great questions!

    dsuzuki, I hope you like the hero books. They’re a good way of reading more about Austen’s heroes and of reliving the stories.

    Hi Caffey, I hope you like Mr Darcy, Vampyre, I had a great time writing it. Byron’s a really interesting figure – one of his girlfriends called him “mad, bad and dangerous to know”. Maybe he was a vampyre :)

    And thanks to Debbie for hosting the interview and asking some great questions.

    There’s a time difference between the US and the UK so I’ll be looking in again later today. If anyone has any more questions I’ll be happy to answer them.

    Thanks again, Debbie, great interview and great blog.

  6. Serena (Savvy Verse & Wit)

    great questions. I really enjoyed Amanda’s book as well, and cannot wait for the prequel! That would be right up my alley.

    I agree that Armitage would be able to convey the underlying menace….Lovely choice.

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