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The Doomsday Key by James Rollins

August 11th, 2009 by Debbie's World of Books


I give this book a 4.5 out of 5 stars

Description: At Princeton University, a famed geneticist dies inside a biohazard lab. In Rome, a Vatican archaeologist is found dead in St. Peter’s Basilica. In Africa, a U.S. senator’s son is slain outside a Red Cross camp. The three murders on three continents bear a horrifying connection: all the victims are marked by a Druidic pagan cross burned into their flesh.

The bizarre murders thrust Commander Gray Pierce and Sigma Force into a race against time to solve a riddle going back centuries, to a ghastly crime against humanity hidden within a cryptic medieval codex. The first clue is discovered inside a mummified corpse buried in an English peat bog–a gruesome secret that threatens America and the world.

Aided by two women from his past–one his exlover, the other his new partner–Gray must piece together the horrifying truth. But the revelations come at a high cost, and to save the future, Gray will have to sacrifice one of the women at his side. That alone might not be enough, as the true path to salvation is revealed in a dark prophecy of doom.

Sigma Force confronts humankind’s greatest threat in an adventure that races from the Roman Coliseum to the icy peaks of Norway, from the ruins of medieval abbeys to the lost tombs of Celtic kings. The ultimate nightmare is locked within a talisman buried by a dead saint–an ancient artifact known as the Doomsday Key.

I was already a big fan of James Rollins books but I think this one is one of my favorites now.  Definitely enjoyed seeing Gray and the rest of the Sigma team back again.  It’s still driving me crazy wondering who is the mole on their side that betrayed them.  The premise of a guy being so fanatical over world over population is so crazy that I could see someone wanting to do something drastic to try and stop it so it started off with a great story line.  I also loved hearing the history of the Domesday book, Merlin, the Egyptians, etc.  For fans of Seichan like me we get to see a lot of her again which is great and I am curious to see what is in store for her.  Action packed with just enough romance and tragedy thrown in to make this a great read.  It will keep you wanting to turn those pages and not be able to put it down until the very end.

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10 Responses

  1. Neas Nuttiness

    This one sounds fantastic!!!

  2. Nicole

    It does sound like an interesting story! I always wonder, though, why it’s always pagan symbols that are carved or burned into the victims. It seems like laziness on the part of the authors to me–exploiting the public’s fear of paganism.

    I want to see a book in which crucifixes are burned into the victims!

    Oh, and I have an award for you. :)

  3. dsuzuki

    Nicole-I think it’s because there is this mystical mystery around pagan symbols. I can’t remember it too well now but didn’t Dan Brown’s Angels and Demons book have to do with more religious symbols burned into victims?

  4. Laura @ ImBookingIt

    I don’t know this author– where would you suggest I start– it sounds like a great read!

    And yes, I’m pretty sure that Angels & Demons had symbols of Christian derivation, although not ones that would normally be recognized as such.

  5. dsuzuki

    Rollins is mostly an action/adventure author. I think my favorites are his Sigma series which you can see the list of books here: I am pretty sure I read Sandstorm but don’t remember it so it might not have been the best of the books. The most recent one is my favorite but you lose some history of the personal relationships between the characters if you don’t read them in order.

  6. Kayla

    Yay!! Rollins is my favorite :D
    I’m so excited to see this review!!! I’m still only in the beginning stages of the book, but from what you say, it sounds like he is writing another one(GOOD).
    Thanks for the review.

  7. Belle

    I’ve really enjoyed Rollins’ Sigma series. Don’t have my hands on this one yet. Very glad to hear there’s a lot of Seichan in the book!

  8. dsuzuki

    Kayla-if you like Rollins have you checked out Matthew Reilly? I really enjoy his books. His Six Sacred Stones and Seven Deadly Wonders kind of remind me of the Sigma books.

    Bella-I know I like Seichan too!

  9. gaby317 @ Starting Fresh

    Sounds good! I haven’t read anything by him yet. Your review makes me want to. Thanks!

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